Add and pin isLucid to access documents

Add and pin isLucid to access documents

Documentation of isLucid is made to support you. Any new thing can be confusing. What is natural for us, does not necessary is understandable for everybody else in the world. So we encourage you to ask for help, clarifications and assistance if anything is unclear

On this page, you will find quick walk-through information helping you to add and pin isLucid application. During this process you will:

  1. Install and add isLucid application to Microsoft Teams
  2. Get a Pro tip!

Open MS Teams application

In the bottom left corner locate Apps and click on it.

Find isLucid

If you don’t see the isLucid application immediately – in the top left corner, find the search bar and enter “isLucid”

Select isLucid

Once you spot isLucid application – click on it.

In appeared modal window click ”Install”.

Pin isLucid

You will notice the installed application on the left nav bar of Microsoft Teams

Pro tip: Hit on application logo with the right mouse button. In appeared menu select the Pin option. The app will be always by hand!

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