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Mar 08, 2023

How to record Google Meets meetings?

by Vytenis

Google Meet has features to record and transcribe your online meetings. It becomes very important when you want to come back to important meeting topics or manage the information. How to do that? Step-by-step guide answer this question easily.

Why do you need to record your meetings?


In recent years, online meetings have become increasingly popular, and with good reason. They provide a convenient way for people to connect and collaborate, regardless of their location. However, just like in-person meetings, online meetings can also be improved by recording and transcribing them.

Accurate Record-Keeping

Recording and transcribing online meetings provide an accurate record of what was discussed and decided upon during the meeting. This can be especially helpful when there are important decisions made or when there are disagreements or misunderstandings. By having a clear record of what was said, it is easier to resolve conflicts and clarify misunderstandings.

Improved Communication

Recording and transcribing online meetings can also improve communication among team members. By having a clear record of what was discussed, everyone can stay on the same page and work together more effectively. Additionally, transcribing meetings allows for important information to be disseminated quickly and easily, ensuring that everyone is aware of the latest developments and decisions.


Recording and transcribing online meetings can also save time. Rather than having team members take notes during the meeting, which can be distracting and time-consuming, they can focus on listening and participating in the discussion. Additionally, if team members are unable to attend the meeting, they can review the recording or transcript at their convenience, saving time and ensuring that they are up-to-date on what was discussed.


Transcribing online meetings can also make them more accessible to individuals with hearing or language barriers. By having a written record of the meeting, individuals can review the transcript and fully understand the discussion, even if they were not present during the meeting.


Recording and transcribing online meetings can also be helpful for compliance purposes. In certain industries, there may be regulations that require meetings to be recorded and transcribed. By having a clear record of the meeting, it is easier to comply with these regulations.

How to record Google Meet meetings?


You can only record online video meetings on Google Meet only if you are working with Google Workspace. Also, there are some requirements go Google Workspace administrators to run a meeting recording. If you meet all of it then you are able to record a meeting.

Start Google Meet recording


  1. Start or join a meeting in Google Meet.
  2. At the bottom right, click “Activities” and press Recording.
  3. Click on Start recording.
  4. In the window that opens, click Start.
  5. Wait for the recording to start. Participants are notified when the recording starts or stops.

Stop Google Meet recording


  1. To stop a recording, click “Activities” and press Recording
  2. In the window that opens, click Stop recording. 

How to start meeting transcription on Google Meets?


This feature is also available to Google Workspace users. The process is mostly identical to the recording part.

Step 1: Start or join a meeting in Google Meet.

Step 2: At the bottom right, click “Activities” and press Transcripts.

Step 3: Click on Start transcription and press Start. 

Stop transcription on Google Meet


  1. To stop a recording, click “Activities” and press Transcripts
  2. In the window that opens, click Stop transcription. 

How to manage Google Meet transcription? 


After stopping the transcription and finishing the meeting recording, go to isLucid to the Meeting History section in Microsoft Teams. There you will find a button Import Google Meet Transcripts on the top left. When you press it, your transcription will appear there in a few minutes.

google meet recording

Why use isLucid?


Transcribe a Google Meet meeting and later on upload your file to isLucid for further information management. It is a single place to safely store and manage meeting transcripts. You can create actionable items such as agendas, tasks, and meeting minutes, and share them with your colleagues if needed. These transcripts do not have an expiry date which means that you can access meetings from a long time ago.

Using isLucid with Microsoft Teams transcription offers numerous advantages over other transcription services. Firstly, it is quick and easy to set up, meaning you can start using it almost instantly. Furthermore, the accuracy of its transcripts is superior to most other options available. This makes it ideal for a variety of applications: transcribing video calls, audio recordings, or even text chats. Additionally, the integration with Teams provides an extra layer of security and privacy for sensitive conversations that need to stay confidential. The service also offers real-time automatic speech recognition which further enhances its accuracy.

isLucid for a better meeting management


isLucid bridges verbal information with task management software, allowing team members to focus on the discussion and have organized written information. This helps to make a better decision-making process and keep teams aligned. Information from conversations are being organized in seconds and stored in any chosen task management platform, CRM or ATS. All the meetings become searchable, sharable, and actionable. By using integrated OpenAI models, notes and tasks are paraphrased and ready to go.

Communication between team members can become clear because of actionable items such as tasks, bookmarks, or meeting minutes. You can also save important meeting information with isLucid and share it with anyone you like – new employee or the one who did not attend the meeting. This helps to save time on keeping in touch with all decisions made during the meeting. With isLucid, organize and access all of your meetings at any time – they are stored for an unlimited amount of time. You can go back to a meeting that happened a long time ago and organize it the way you like or share it with your colleagues.

If you are interested in isLucid digital meeting assistant, get it for MS Teams.

You can also book a demo and get a walkthrough: Book a Demo.



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