All in one voice assistant

All in one voice assistant that helps to:

  • Capture 99% of information and store within your tasks management software.
  • Handle 54% more customer queries with the help of AI.
  • Transform spoken words into written and document-ready with a click.
  • Enrich in company stored information, leaving less in the heads, more in written, searchable and sharable records.

From verbal discussion to organized information and real-time answers.

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Solution for online meetings

Our flagship product is meeting assistant for Microsoft Teams that extracts value from transcripts. Used widely among professionals in recruitment, consulting, product management. Have more effective calls, reduce the unnecessary number of attendees, manage meeting information and more. Easily organize and access all your meetings, integrate transcripts from any platform, connect with context and share with others.

Solution for customer service

Most wanted – isLucid for Customer Agents. If your team needs to handle heavy amount of customers’ inquiries – this product is what you need. Does your average customer call takes around 6.46 mins where 2 mins. are spent to find the best answer for the customer, plus 2 mins. to formulate a follow up, records and more? isLucid uses AI, transcription, powerful search engine and integrates to your data sources to find answers in seconds. It enables the CS agent to handle 54% more of tasks.

For high performing teams

In staffing & recruiting

Interviewing candidates? Collecting hiring manager needs? Learn how isLucid automates information capturing, storing to ATS, and distribution.

For customer inquiries handling

If your team needs to handle heavy amount of customers’ inquiries, search for information to find the answer- this product is what you need!

For meetings with customers

Having a meeting with a client? Automate your note-taking so you can lead, listen and engage with your clients while having all records and tasks stored in your CRM.

With team/company meetings

Having daily stand-up? Project kick-off meeting, client meeting or any other? Learn how isLucid makes meetings shorter and actionable with less people involved.

For me and my time isLucid has been the discovery of the year. The transcriptions not only in English but also in French, German and even Swiss German (!) are very accurate and help us on a daily basis to efficiently save information from in- and external meetings…


Recruitment & Staffing
When most of the meetings have moved virtual, this program has significantly improved our team’s work processes. Since I have spent the most time in meeting minutes preparation in our company, I am delighted that such a time-optimizing product has appeared on the market. The program is easy to use and convenient…


MedTech Startup
This transcription application/tool has already paid for itself in time savings. For client interviews, we had been transcribing the recorded videos manually. This task is now easily assisted by the isLucid application, and we are saving 60-70% of the time required to generate a complete and accurate transcription…


Education / Admission team

Trusted by organizations in Pharmaceutical, MedTech, Recruitment, Technologies,
Logistics and other sectors from Australia to Europe and North America.

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    Up to 40% saved time
    Transform spoken words into written and document-ready form with a click. No more notes taking, follow-ups or information filling in your systems.  

    Eliminated human bias
    No more forgotten topics to discuss, or misspelled information. Get information precisely captured as it was said and converted into formal ready to go tasks.  

    Integrates with your call centre solution. isLucid will serve you in any platform you’re now using.

    Get human-ready answers in seconds. isLucid integrates with voice, analyses the data and provides answers for the customer in seconds. 

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