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AI software for Sales and Customer Success teams.

Do your customers communicate with you through voice calls? Empower your people with AI co-pilot while doing sales or providing support in voice.

isLucid is AI-powered software that organizes call information and insights while assisting your team to close sales faster and resolve support issues more efficiently in real-time.

Modular Enterprise-ready platform to:


Analize your call recordings

Each customer interaction matters
If you already record calls isLucid will make data in these calls count. AI will extract such information like sentiment on the offering, churn signals, topics discussed, customer reaction to suggested resolution and many more.

isLucid will seamlessly integrate both to read your call recordings and to send AI insights to your already existing data lake, analytics system or other source you may have.


Assist your agents in real-time

Instantly capture and organize key details from customer calls
A browser widget works together with your CRM or Ticketing system. No extra window, the same calling solution you already use. Single AI software integrates high-accuracy real-time transcription into typical sales and customer success calls together with the products suit you already have.

AI Co-Pilot for Conversations 
Get real-time suggestions on what to ask next to speed up call resolutions or close sales deals. Spot opportunities for upsells while your customer is still on the line.

Your agents stay in control while isLucid automates manual tasks from search to form filling increasing the queries that your agents can handle by 54%.


AI Voice bots for simple interactions

Fully autonomous voice bots
There are customer interactions which can be fully handled by AI. A credit card cancelation scenario? Customers need to authenticate proving their identities? A question when parcel will be delivered? Post call quality evaluation?

For scenarios requiring not as many human touch isLucid provides autonomous AI voice bots. Pay for only the time a real-interaction happening. Offload work for non-revenue-generating operations and save 2-3x the amount you typically pay for a human.

Enterprise software and vendors behind can be both professional and fun to work with. We are such an example. Enterprise customers love AI software driven help to:

  • understand what is happening in calls with transcription, after call summarization and topic detection, categorization;
  • reduce workload by 54% of CS agents with robust search;
  • increase upsells to 30% from inbound calls with AI driven product recommendations, agenda management and next question to ask hints;
  • ensure data security and integrity with on prem-deployment-ready secure platform;
  • discover up to 90% more actionable data within the CRM’s after the calls;
  • accelerate new employee onboarding time by up to 50%.

Users are more effective with common tasks like update CRM, log opportunities, provide answers to complex questions, compare solutions, recommend products for upsells/cros-sells that derives from natural language.

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isLucid can run in your infrastructure


Afraid of using AI with private clients’ data? You are in control!

So where is the bot? With repeating types of calls in a couple of iterations we will build your low-resources bot that will handle customer calls. With your needed languages, with the least cost, with the highest security. No extra application to open, just real AI assistance to your staff making them more productive!

information access

Proprietary AI models with enterprise level security.

generative AI

Connects with your existing data and enriches it.

100+ IT pros behind. Applicable AI that simply works.

For me and my time isLucid has been the discovery of the year. The transcriptions not only in English but also in French, German and even Swiss German (!) are very accurate and help us on a daily basis to efficiently save information from in- and external meetings…


Recruitment & Staffing
When most of the meetings have moved virtual, this program has significantly improved our team’s work processes. Since I have spent the most time in meeting minutes preparation in our company, I am delighted that such a time-optimizing product has appeared on the market. The program is easy to use and convenient…


MedTech Startup
This transcription application/tool has already paid for itself in time savings. For client interviews, we had been transcribing the recorded videos manually. This task is now easily assisted by the isLucid application, and we are saving 60-70% of the time required to generate a complete and accurate transcription…


Education / Admission team

Trusted by organizations in Pharmaceutical, MedTech, Recruitment, Technologies,
Logistics and other sectors from Australia to Europe and North America.

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