Never miss a task, assignment or duty

Automatically transcribe online meetings into text, integrate into your       management software, create actionable items, and share outcomes instantly.

Compatible with software you already use

A Perfect Fit for Your Business

Automatically transcribe online meetings into text, integrate into your management software, create actionable items, and share outcomes instantly.


We are introducing isLucid – an innovative voice recognition tool that accurately captures conversations and enables real-time process management.


Meanwhile, stay focused on what’s truly important – leading. We will take care of notes, tasks, and everything else.

Effective Communication

Focus on the conversation and understanding your participants while our software makes notes for you.

Full Integration

Easily integrate with project management systems and automatically transfer tasks.

Backlog and Traceability

Capture tasks, make summaries from your online meetings and have all your conversations noted.

Do more, manage less

Meet isLucid: the simple, intuitive, and powerful app that manages agreements, commitments, and expectations for you.

Simplify Your Meetings

We are developers, consultants, and project managers just like you. We began creating isLucid so that we could easily and accurately capture all our tasks and responsibilities.


Save time on wrap-up emails, task assignments, and descriptions. isLucid is a productivity hack we want to share with you!


Start your MS Teams Meeting

Organize video conferencing with your peers on Microsoft Teams.


in side panel

Get your meeting automatically transcribed and enable call participants to identify action items within the same call screen!


action items

Commitment? Task? Idea?
Select the option, update if needed, and send to your favorite project management software or mark for meeting minutes.

Don’t Wait And Try isLucid

You will get a free trial for 2 weeks that includes 10 free meetings.


Download it now and take your communication to the next level!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find answer? Check the FAQ page for more answers.

Or mail us at [email protected]

1. How does it integrate with other systems?

We use API connectivity and designated services for data exchange with other software. Currently, it is as simple as you entering credentials with Oauth service from your provider, selecting a wanted project and starting using us. Nowhere in this process we get access to your passwords.

2. Will it decide for me what is a task?

No. We help you to simplify the process of creating tasks. Yet you and other participants are in full control what was an agreement, what was just thinking out loud.

3. How it is different from a transcription service?

A simple transcription service captures all that was said and generates you a document – a transcript. Some in real-time, others once the conversation is finished.

By using MS Teams with isLucid, you get the next generation functionalities around what to do with transcribed data – where to place it (store tasks), how to enrich it (meta information of participants), how to increase quality (recommendations) together with the best in the market real-time transcription service!

If it would be only about transcription, you’d hire an assistant, and it would be sufficient enough. Wouldn’t it?:)

1. Who has access to my data?

Only you and your team. Process is fully automated, data is stored only at your environment or within services purchased by you.

2. Is my audio stored?

No, we use a real time media stream for an instant transcription. Data is transferred over a secured TLS channel and once is transcribed – is not stored anywhere.

3. Can I stop transcription?

Yes, on super sensitive content you can simply pause the transcription service.

4. Can Will documents have a risk of being accessed by any 3rd party?

The risk always exists, but as documents creation is fully on Microsoft infrastructure, there is the same level of security as for other documents you store in MS Cloud. Using / not Using isLucid does not affect this as we only create documents without any read access.

1. How to purchase your product?

Please install isLucid on Microsoft Teams and our designated account manager will approach you. After demo and trial you can purchase the best suitable plan from our pricing page.

2.  Can I get integration into a custom service?

Yes, sure, please contact us and we will make sure that not a single detail would be missed. No matter the project management software you are using.

3.  Can I have unlimited accounts?

Yes, please contact us more to discuss your needs and our possibilities to address those.