Customer service solution – CallCenter isLucid®

AI-powered customer service solution

Utilize existing data to quickly provide accurate answers to customer queries in real-time

With CallCenter isLucid®:

  • Integrated with voice to provide answers in real-time
  • 54% automatically prepared answers with AI in seconds
  • Reduced time spent for one customer inquiry from 20% to 90%
  • More clients served within the same time
  • Increased efficiency, better results and more happy clients
  • Accurate and traceable information for further upsells

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Boost your clients’ inquires management

Customer support conversation with a client

voice recognition and identification

Searching for the answer in the systems

question identified from transcription

Summarised answer provided in seconds

Customer support conversation with a client

Searching for the answer in the systems

Summarised answer provided in seconds

Powerful solution to deliver customers’ satisfaction

How does it work?

Imagine that ChatGPT access all your company data and assist your Customer Service/Sales representative inside of the call with suggestions and answers in real-time.

1. Get real-time transcription, use agenda with the most on questions you might need to ask and capture important details. Works with 30+ different languages.

2. Get the answer in seconds from your data bases to address customer problems and automatically transfer information to your CRM.


Achieve great results with isLucid


Saved time


more inquiries handled


Automatically prepared answers

What’s in it for you?

Integrates with your call centre solution. isLucid will serve you in any platform you’re now using.

Use agenda to faster locate the issue. List the most common questions you might need to ask your customer to save time.

Create questions from transcription. Capture details in real-time and get recommended to ask questions. 

Get human-ready answers in seconds. isLucid integrates with voice, analyses the data and provides answers for the customer in seconds.

Automated email follow-up prepared instantly. Get automatically generated information about the call outcomes to send a follow-up email to your client. 

More upsells. No lost details – Information is being automatically captured and transferred to CRM. isLucid will help you to find the best solution.

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Unique solution tailored specifically for better customer service. Our expertise and industry feedback let us deliver software that works for you.

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