Customer service solution – CallCenter isLucid®

AI-powered customer service solution

Utilize existing data to quickly provide accurate answers to customer queries in real-time

  • Integrated with voice to provide answers in real-time
  • Reduced time spent for one customer inquiry from 20% to 90%
  • More clients served within the same time
  • Increased efficiency, better results and more happy clients
  • Accurate and traceable information for further upsells

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Boost your clients’ inquires management

Customer support conversation with a client

voice recognition and identification

Searching for the answer in the systems

question identified from transcription

Summarised answer provided in seconds

Customer support conversation with a client

Searching for the answer in the systems

Summarised answer provided in seconds

Powerful solution to deliver customers’ satisfaction

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Transcription: same as for you, AI needs to understand what happening during a customer interaction. isLucid transcription meets such requirements by turning voice to text. The transcription module interacts with your calling software and can enrich/use the existing transcription or provide our own. 

Summarization: nobody likes listening to lengthy recordings. The same applies to lengthy transcripts. The summarization engine shortens the conversation into key points, extracts important information, like product interest, contact reasons, buying intents and securely sends it to your CRM according to your measurable criteria.

Search: transform the cost center into a revenue generator! Imagine your freshly hired call center agent knows all the ins and outs of your complex product suite or process. The search module finds real-time answers to the customer’s questions and/or provides product recommendations for upsells/ cross-sells. After all, it’s fun to know what can be sold in addition, isn’t it?

Agenda: you know how to conduct a conversation effectively? What do you need to ask your customer? However, does every agent know that. What do they need to ask? What do they need to offer? The agenda module prompts you with specific questions and identifies missing information.

Tasks and tickets: keep your team aligned. isLucid automates the task creation process by transferring all information to internal systems.

Achieve great results with isLucid


Saved time


more inquiries handled


Automatically prepared answers

What’s in it for you?

Integrates with your call centre solution. isLucid will serve you in any platform you’re now using.

Use agenda to faster locate the issue. List the most common questions you might need to ask your customer to save time.

Create questions from transcription. Capture details in real-time and get recommended to ask questions. 

Get human-ready answers in seconds. isLucid integrates with voice, analyses the data and provides answers for the customer in seconds.

Automated email follow-up prepared instantly. Get automatically generated information about the call outcomes to send a follow-up email to your client. 

More upsells. No lost details – Information is being automatically captured and transferred to CRM. isLucid will help you to find the best solution.

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Unique solution tailored specifically for better customer service. Our expertise and industry feedback let us deliver software that works for you.

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