Preinstall the isLucid application for all organization users

Preinstall isLucid for all users

Documentation of isLucid is made to support you. Any new thing can be confusing. What is natural for us does not necessary is understandable for everybody else in the world. So we encourage you to ask for help, clarifications and assistance if anything is unclear

On this page, you will find quick walk-through information helping you to install isLucid for all users. During this process, you will:

  1. Install isLudic for all users

Preinstall for all users

Preinstall isLucid application for (all) users

isLucid application, same as other Teams application is managed through Teams administration panel:

  1. Visit MS Teams admin centre by going to
  2. Expand Teams Apps menu item on the left-hand menu
  3. Select Setup policies
  4. In-app Setup policies screen select the group for whom you are editing settings. If you select Global – this setting will be applied to the whole organization
  5. On the Installed Apps section hit + and in search enter isLucid to add among preinstalled apps
  6. On Pinned apps section hit + and add isLucid. This way isLucid will be listed on the right-hand menu of Teams for users within the group you are editing. You can re-arrange the order of the applications on this page too.

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