April 16, 2021

5 Best Digital Project Management Practices to Assure Project Success

by Gabby

Looking to deliver digital projects that make a big impact at scale? Seeking ways to make the most out of your online functions despite shifting demands? Do you want to accelerate the right results for your client and your enterprise?

A lot of businesses struggle to obtain complete visibility over tasks in their digital project pipeline. Whether you’re a weary project manager or an employee who just wants to get work done so you can confidently commit to your next project, our digital project management best practices will make it easier for you to deliver promptly, cost-effectively and extensively.


#1 Enlist the help of project management solutions 


Thanks to project management tools, overseeing a project has never been easier. With plenty of options in the market that can be attuned to almost any device, anybody can gain access to built-in avant-garde solutions.

A digital project management software organizes project planning, execution and monitoring. Common features cover resource allocation, scheduling, financial control, collaboration, data sharing, risk mitigation and quality check, among others.

Some project management software examples are designed to address particular issues on the pipeline like workforce productivity, deadlines management or in the case of our product, miscommunication.

Merging the capabilities of voice technology and Machine Learning, our digital project management software, isLucid, was developed to resolve obstacles in online communication without radically modifying conventional practices.

Our software is built to save time during online meetings by automatically transcribing virtual meetings to text and immediately disseminating results to employees and clients. The platform also works well with other project management tools.

To know more about isLucid, subscribe to a no-strings-attached free trial today. It lasts for 2 weeks and covers 10 meetings. See what our digital project management software can do for your organization.


#2  Recognize the employee contribution 


To achieve digital project success, you need to understand the psychological importance of acknowledging the commendable work of your team members, applying similar acknowledgment to yourself, and encouraging your workers to initiate such initiative in their professional connections.

Employee recognition is the embodiment of the principle of social proof, a term coined by Robert Cialdini in his work, Influence. As per the principle, we use others’ actions to determine appropriate behavior for ourselves, especially if we view these people as similar to who we are. If we see others performing correct actions to a certain level, we are motivated to emulate these actions. If a project manager acknowledges these ideal actions, the rest of the workforce will follow suit, knowing that these actions are correct.

A simple thanks can go a long way. Data shows that 85% of employees are already happy with a simple “thank you” for their day-to-day efforts and achievements.

As such, it’s important to validate every individual in your workforce for relevant suggestions during virtual engagements. One of the digital project management best practices you can apply is investing in a platform that can easily identify who said what during an online meeting.

Much of the collaboration in digital projects happens during meetings, so it’s good to have some handy tech that can pinpoint each person on your team when your meeting has been transcribed.

Likewise, when a staffer or a group submits remarkable work, beats the deadline or goes above and beyond what’s been asked, bring up these achievements to the rest of your team to boost overall morale.


#3  Never leave anyone out of the loop


Teamwork is efficient work. It allows members to divide difficult tasks among themselves and turn it to simpler ones while working together for quicker results. It leads to increased productivity and accelerated innovation. More importantly, it creates an environment where members can observe and learn from each other.

According to Harvard Business Review, a company that has a collaborative culture, staff members feel heard and respected, so they’re more motivated to produce more innovative solutions, learn from co-workers, share information and embrace new opportunities for collaboration.

Knowing the value that teamwork brings to your table, it’s important to incorporate digital project management best practices dedicated to fortifying your teams. From organizing virtual team-building activities to distributing meeting minutes to everyone onboard, there are many effective ways to include everyone in your project’s progress.

Furthermore, if you have staff members with certain conditions such as auditory disabilities or visual impairments, it’s important to include digital accessibility in your project management.


#4  Allocate finances wisely 


As organizations transform into project-based structures, project managers must be more mindful about financial matters. Projects must not only be delivered by the deadline and according to budget. They must also add value to stakeholders and the sustainable success of your business.

Apply this tip by constructing a business case for every venture. When doing so, include customer demands and ways your competition can rise to those demands. Once you’ve undertaken the initiative, turn your business case into a scheme that will guide you through execution until completion.

Always think about your project strategically and sustainably. Don’t forget to evaluate both milestones and mishaps to improve your subsequent digital projects.

Lastly, consider investing in project management tools that can help you with budgeting, accounting,  resource allocation and other integral aspects in your project pipeline.


#5  Always have support that can back you up


Technology isn’t always reliable round-the-clock. Likewise, questions will always arise with operating online and using various digital project tools such as project management solutions.

Every tech query has a human response. Let’s say you’re looking to input additional features in your software or resolving an issue with your cloud, you need reliable tech support that can address these problems so you don’t veer off track and miss deadlines.

Most project management tools have support teams that can perform services according to the terms and conditions included upon purchase. Before fully subscribing to a platform for your project, be sure to check the reliability and expertise of its tech support team.


Why use digital project management software? Why isLucid? 


isLucid is an out-of-the-box solution that can contribute to your company’s digital engagements. It centralizes all aspects of communication–transcription, task delegation, dissemination, integration.

We aim to manage your online communications and streamline your digital project management process through our platform. Even staffers and freelancers who want to improve communication and collaboration can find something good in isLucid. For project managers, we’re perfect for delegating tasks.

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