Feb 22, 2022

How isLucid helped Girteka Logistics to improve their internal communication

by Gabby


Girteka Logistics & isLucid

Girteka Logistics decided to use the isLucid application to improve their communication within the process analytics team. As the team expanded, it was harder to ensure smooth operations and accurate information flow between departments. Occasionally losing important information caused delays in decision-making and made the projects progress slower, as additional follow-ups and clarifications were required. It was hard to ensure that everyone in a team is on the same page.   

With isLucid, there were clear improvements achieved:   

  • Reduced number of meetings and follow-ups needed afterward. No need for everyone to participate in the meetings, as others could send a generated meeting minutes file for those who were not present. It helps team members stay focused on their tasks and not worry about missing anything important. Also, it eliminates the problem of finding a time that fits into everybody’s calendar. 
  • Saved meeting time by 25% – meetings became shorter with clear actionable items, so everyone could start working instantly. It also reduced over time.  
  • More accuracy and clarity in the agenda, which is important when analyzing finances and improving them. Every small detail counts and could have huge consequences if neglected.  
  • Faster and more efficient communication, helping teams move forward faster and continuously improve their processes.   
  • Ensured traceability of primary information, as details are captured exactly how they were said and saved in meetings history. For your convenience, all call participants or those invited can see saved details. 
  • Finally, it allows people to choose whether to participate in the meeting or not. If there are alternative tasks or activities, people can keep working and not worry about missing important information. They will get generated meeting minutes and transcription by design. This ensures their time will be spent efficiently.   

So what is the final result?

The choice to use the isLucid application has helped Girteka Logistics control the information better and more accurately, speed up analytical team processes and ensure everyone is up to date with the latest information.   

What is isLucid?

isLucid is an AI meeting software that works natively with Microsoft Teams. It utilizes advanced and precise voice recognition to transcribe your online meetings in real-time and make them more efficient. Instead of spending time writing down notes, creating wrap-up emails, and clarifying tasks, focus on what matters most – communicating. Create tasks, bookmarks, and meeting minutes with isLucid in more than 20+ languages and their respective dialects. Transfer your tasks to preferred management software such as Atlassian Jira, Azure DevOps, MS Planner, Zapier, etc . isLucid helps your team think clearly and stay lucid.


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