Apr 08, 2022

How to improve Microsoft Teams meetings for IT consulting companies

by Gabby


IT consulting online meetings hardships

Working with your team or clients to help them solve their IT problems might require numerous meetings. The meetings require you to collect a lot of information. Wrongful or missing information will have negative consequences. Some of those undesired consequences include – unhappy clients, wasted time, wasted human resources, and damaged reputation. To ensure your IT consulting company stays reputable you need to have precise information-gathering methods. There are also more ways to improve your online meetings. This blog will reveal how you and your IT consulting company can easily improve their Microsoft Teams meetings.

Traceable real-time transcriptions

When talking about improved IT consulting online meetings we can not skip having traceable transcriptions. Traceable transcriptions are a must-have for international IT consulting companies. Having a real-time transcription will help you communicate with people. Especially with those who have a different dialect or have a different native language. A transcription that you can look back upon will also save you time as you no longer need to inquire about clarifications.

A coherent team

Online meetings often have too many participants. If you could reduce the meeting participant number you could save some human resources. By having accessible meeting summaries, tasks, and a real-time transcription you make it possible to have fewer people in the meetings while maintaining or even increasing their quality. If the meeting is an hour-long – in most cases employees will only need information that was said during a small portion of it. By having assigned tasks you ensure that the employee will not miss his duties and understands his responsibilities. If you have meeting summaries the employees can quickly go through, you will save time on both ends. No need for follow-up emails or a dedicated person that needs to inform anyone absent. You can do all of this by having previously mentioned tasks, meeting summaries, and transcriptions.

The solution

The question ends up being – how do I incorporate all of the mentioned ways to improve my online meetings? You can do all of that and more with isLucid. You can have easy to create tasks that ensure your team knows their responsibilities. Meeting summaries that ensure your team is on the same page. You can have traceable real-time transcriptions which ensure that everyone understands each other and there were no room for miscommunication. The transcription will also back you up if you have someone claiming they did not say something they did. Another handy feature is bookmarking. They enable you to create traceable notes during a Microsoft Teams meeting with just your voice. It will help you focus on what matters the most – communicating.

Managing information

If you work in the IT sector you will have a substantial amount of information that you need to manage. With isLucid you can use actionable items to your advantage and move information fluently between RM/Project management systems. Tasks are stored in Jira, Azure DevOps, MS Planner, and Zapier which works with +3000 apps.


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