Sep 14, 2022

How to Schedule a Meeting on Microsoft Teams and Share the Meeting Link?

by Gabby

Microsoft Teams is the perfect collaboration tool for any company or organization. It is built for hybrid work and has everything you need in one place. Microsoft Teams has a chat feature where you can message a person or a group for work or for fun, Teams function for group work in channels with files and conversations, a calendar to schedule meetings which also connects to the Outlook calendar, and apps that help to simplify and manage your work. If you want to read more about Microsoft Teams and online meeting tools overall, you can visit this thorough article on isLucid website that looks over the main software for online meetings. In regard to meetings, there are in total 4 ways to schedule a meeting on Microsoft Teams. Let’s look at each of them.  

How To Schedule a Meeting on Microsoft Teams on Desktop?


Scheduling a Meeting in the Chat Conversation 


If you want to schedule a Microsoft Teams meeting with one person, you can do it through chat. First, go to the chat box section and press on the conversation with which you want a meeting. Then, press the Schedule meeting icon under the typing box. After this, a new window will open with the title New Meeting where you will fill out all information such as attendees, time and meeting title. 


Scheduling a Meeting Through the Microsoft Teams Calendar 


To schedule a meeting through the calendar, go to the left side panel of the app. Press Calendar and then select New Meeting in the upper right corner. You will see a drop-down pop out with the Schedule meeting option. Follow the same steps as in the previous section and fill out boxes for required attendees, date and time and meeting title. 


Scheduling a Meeting Through a Channel


If you have a paid subscription on Teams and belong to a channel, you can schedule a meeting directly in the channel allowing all members to participate in the meeting. Firstly, go to the left side pane and press Teams. Pick the team you want to have a meeting in and go to either the General channel or any other you have. Press the drop-down arrow near Meet in the upper right corner and select Schedule meeting. Fill out the information that was previously mentioned. 


Filling Out Meeting Information and Sharing the Meeting Link 


Follow any of the previous ways to schedule a meeting until you reach the New Meeting window. Here fill out all the relevant information including title, required attendees, date and time and any necessary details for the meeting. Then when you add the required attendee’s email, the Save button in the upper right corner turns into Send. Press it and the meeting link will automatically be sent to everyone’s emails. 


Another way to share a meeting link is to do it manually. For this, schedule a meeting in one of the ways mentioned above. When the meeting is set, go to Calendar on the left tab. Press on the meeting and you will see on top Copy link. Press it and now you can manually send a link to people who didn’t get an invitation to the meeting. 

How To Schedule a Meeting on Microsoft Teams App and Share the Meeting Link? 


If you want to schedule a meeting on the Microsoft Teams App, go to the mobile app. Go to Calendar and press New meeting in the lower right corner. Add the meeting title, and participants set the time and date, and create a description for the meeting. When you are done, press Done. The meeting will be scheduled, and the meeting links will be sent to each participant’s email inboxes. 


Just like on the desktop, you can manually share the meeting link on the phone by clicking on Calendar in the bottom and pressing on the meeting. Then you will see a link Share meeting invite. You press it and can save or copy the link anywhere you want. 


Virtual Meetings With isLucid 


Your scheduled Microsoft Teams meeting can be made a lot more productive with isLucid which is a single place to manage your Microsoft Teams meetings information and transcripts with an in-built AI meeting assistant. The software manages your meeting by transcribing everything with multilanguage support and allows you to create actionable items such as tasks, bookmarks, and meeting minutes. Your meetings can become shorter, more efficient and your team more aligned.

Download it and try it out:  

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