July 09, 2021

Hybrid workspaces – how to maximize the effectiveness of you work 

by Gabby


The hybrid work system is already being implemented in our lives, and in the near future, the question of your preferences for a hybrid work schedule will be absolutely normal. Will the company ask which days you want to go to work in the office, and which days do you want to work from home? Also, will you be asked what hours of work do you prefer? If this is the case, then it is very important to choose the most convenient schedule for yourself in order to maximize the effectiveness of your work without driving yourself into stress.


The Economist has done the research and prepared some tips on which days to work remotely and which days it is better to go to the office.


Monday. First of all, it should be noted that Monday is not the best choice for working from home. Sounds very obvious that you don’t want to go to the office on Monday, does it? Since this is the very beginning of the week, it is very important to “be seen” by your boss and demonstrate your desire to join the process of the workweek. Monday is the day when the team discusses the work plan for the week and marks the tasks that should be completed during the week. So your boss is likely to like your enthusiasm for coming to work on the hardest day of the week and your desire to be integrated into the workflow.


Tuesday. Many people may not like the idea of working from home on a Tuesday, as it divides the workweek into two unequal parts. However, The Economist advises choosing this particular day to work outside of the office, as there is nothing more enjoyable than watching how people are getting ready for work in the morning on Tuesday and are going to the office, while you are sitting at home in your pyjamas and drinking tea or coffee.


Wednesday. Companies will most likely be happy to give you the opportunity to work from home on Wednesday, as the most popular options for working from home among other workers will most likely be Monday and Friday (long weekend yoohoo!). So this will be the easiest day to choose as an out-of-office job. In addition, it also divides the workweek into two equal parts, so it comes as a nice bonus for perfectionists.


Thursday. Even though this day is somewhat similar to Tuesday (dividing the workweek into two parts), it is less suitable for working from home, and more suitable for an office day. This can be explained by the fact that by avoiding the trip to work on Thursday, you will have to go through this process all over again on Friday.


Friday. Like Monday, Friday is a too obvious day to choose as an out-of-office job. Everyone understands perfectly well that if a person wants to work from home on Friday, then this means that most likely he will not work, but instead will go to play football or lie on the beach. So during the day, you will most likely be constantly called and your boss will try to identify that you are not working. It is much better to come to the office on Friday and work from there since Friday is one of the quietest working days anyway: colleagues can disappear for long lunches and no one will ask too many questions if you are not. will be at the desk after 15:00.


According to The Economist, if your company allows you to have two days of remote work, then that leads to a bunch of other combinations and we have the perfect solution for you! To avoid suspicion, do not select Monday / Friday or Thursday / Friday as the remote combination. Tuesday and Thursday can be good choices as it means you will be in the office (and therefore visible) every other day.


And about the working hours. The Economist suggests to start at noon, and finish at 8 pm, so you won’t find anybody around to bother you after 6 pm, and you can safely eat dinner and watch Netflix 😉

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