Jun 27, 2022

Improve MS Teams meetings for MedTech industry

by Gabby


When MedTech firms converted to virtual interface in early 2020, they discovered that performing various types of work in digital environments led to considerable benefits. Online work, which takes place in an asynchronous environment over days or weeks rather than in a series of one-off video meetings, has aided regulated industry in lowering product development timelines or even enhancing speed-to-market. Now, MedTech companies are looking at how virtual labor might help them improve agility and future-proof their operations.  

This blog post will focus on the processes that each medical device manufacturing firm conducts and how those operations could be optimized by implementing online tools, such as AI meeting assistants. 

Risk assessment and management  

The expansion of the regulated industry and the increased use of medical equipment have resulted in significant growth in the complicated effort of creating a piece of medical equipment suitable and safe for human use among device producers. Risk management has changed into a crucial competitive strategy for gaining access to international businesses. As doctors, patients, and regulators become more aware of human factor safety concerns, the significance of adequate translation and safety measures will grow. Risk management is required to ensure gadget usability, safety, and regulatory compliance.  

Critical human factors and risk management choices are made in some situations based on particular wording in the user interface or labeling. For example, dangerous circumstances might emerge due to incorrect interpretation of date/time information or presented units of measurement.

Having a real-time transcription that can be converted into tasks and meeting minutes is one of those solutions. By having an AI-generated real-time transcription and actionable items you ensure that there will not be any problems caused by human error. Having a transcription to look back upon is also useful. It will save time as you no longer need to write follow-up emails.

Complying with regulatory requirements 

Original equipment manufacturers of medical devices are constantly under pressure to deliver new products and services faster than competitors while maintaining quality. In order to keep ahead of competing for new goods, there is typically a narrow window of time to finish a design, move it to the prototype and NPI phases, begin manufacturing a device and acquire all essential regulatory clearances. 

A product line extension process checklist must be evident and comprehensive to guarantee that no concerns arise during manufacturing that might jeopardize the product’s reliability or launch timetable. The regulated industry must prepare the process instructions, product work instructions, test plans, validation plans, and sampling plans when the initial product transfer occurs. 

In this case, AI meeting assistants can be handy as well. While the information transfer could be complicated and sometimes unclear, online meeting assistants offer the entire data collection mentioned throughout the meeting. In addition, information sharing has never been easier. The transcripts, discussion details, or even created bookmarks can be easily shared among the organization or even sent to other companies by using the already provided functions of sharing the meeting details. 

Research and Development 

Regulated industry firms focus on value-based medicine or technologies that address unmet clinical needs while lowering costs and optimizing care delivery. Companies may come closer to this aim by fine-tuning procedures in medical device R&D, where cost-cutting and shorter timescales can help. During the mentioned research and development process, a lot of precise documentation is needed, including all online meetings. Missed or misinterpreted information can lead to potential issues of wasting already scarce and valuable resources, such as time, staff, and funds. Not to mention the possibility of missed deadlines or even upset clients.  

This is where AI meeting assistants could help. The offer to have traceable meeting summaries, tasks, and bookmarks is measured to save about 25% of the time spent in online meetings. In addition, this helps with the overall understanding of what each party has to do and what responsibilities to take on. AI meeting assistants also contribute to the research and development by offering reminders about the potential tasks and their dates, reminding them never to miss a deadline or essential information required for a set task. In addition, there would be no missed information in the track of time. AI meeting assistants offer to save all of the meeting information according to the date and time when the meeting took place.  

AI meeting assistants  

To have an improved Microsoft Teams meeting a great AI meeting assistant example is isLucid. Such a tool will help you to precisely document the necessary data and reduce the processes of operating a medical manufacturing company.  

Here are some of the benefits you will gain with isLucid: 

  • Shorter delivery time & efficient information management 

Time efficiency is one of the main reasons why isLucid was created. Elimination of unnecessary follow-ups makes the process work better and ensures deadlines are met. All the information discussed during a meeting is captured and kept safe in your Microsoft Teams profile. Information can be operated by marking important parts of the text. You can share information captured with your co-workers to track them better.  

  • Improved data management & Responsibility 

Over a considerable amount of data discussed daily, isLucid will ensure your information is intact. If the amount of information is too much to comprehend, you can always come back to it later. You will also be assured that everyone knows their responsibilities. You will also have a traceable transcription to back you up in case there is a conflict on who said what. 



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