Dec 05, 2021

isLucid compared to Avoma – which one do you need?

by Gabby

This comparison is done in terms of one ecosystem, and every aspect is done with Microsoft Teams in mind.

Avoma is a great tool if you need one solution to work with different platforms. Yet if you need actionable items and are working within Microsoft Teams eco-system isLucid is the A.I. meeting system for you. Providing a secure solution for your organization. Let’s compare each other.

User Experience

First, let’s talk about user experience. Avoma like many other providers is working from an internet browser, having to jump between applications during the meeting. Costing you time in your meetings instead of focusing on it. isLucid works in the side panel of Microsoft teams, so you could see transcription, create tasks and see your colleagues without any need to shuffle through applications.

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While many competitors only are able to provide transcription only after the meeting. isLucid is doing transcription in real-time, as you are doing your daily tasks and talking to your colleagues. While Avoma lacks real-time transcription, yet it supports audio/video playback at any time after the meeting, for post-meeting review. Both isLucid and Avoma are quite good, with separate different people speaking at the same time. Yet when people are talking one over another, isLucid takes the upper hand and can do it with zero possibility of intruding transcriptions quality.

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What can be more important than the security of information we are discussing during the meetings.  Every single isLucid client has its own data isolated and encapsulated from other clients. Guest participants have no access to your document and transcription, tasks. If you require the most security possible, isLucid can deploy the solution to your Azure, to have all documents and transcription within your servers.

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Speak of administration and compliance to each other. The Lucid is available user-based permissions, get a notification for attendees about registration and hold to use the application for the user. The Avoma only gives the user permission to use based on the number of licenses purchased.

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The main difference between Software Integration is the audio recording for playback using Dropbox. IsLucid has possibilities to perform every task or assignment for software like Microsoft Planner, Atlassian Jira, or Azure DevOps, but both platforms cannot use integration by API.

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Avoma offers more flexibility when it comes to different time spams in which you can pay, going from monthly to quarterly to yearly. Even with the plans, they offer 5 different plans + a free one for trying it out yourself.  This is a vast selection for you to choose from. isLucid is simpler quarterly/yearly with one plan for starting, and others you have to contact sales, for your tailored solution, made just for you.

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Video Conferencing

Avoma takes the stage and drops the mic when video conferencing comes to the talking point. Microsoft Teams, Google Meets, Zoom is all covered by all in one solution. There is no denying there is one winner in this category and it’s Avoma.

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AI Features

AI features will be the next big thing in every single application within the next 1-2 years. It’s the direction everyone is trying to move ahead of the flock.  isLucid lets you create meeting summaries, tasks, and meeting minutes. Following the integrations, those tasks, summaries, and meeting minutes are transferred without breaking a sweat. Just a few clicks and it’s all where it should suppose to be. While Avoma might offer just a small fraction of the AI features it’s nowhere near the possibilities with isLucid.

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Download isLucid from the Microsoft AppSource here Get isLucid


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