Jun 27, 2022

How are MedTech companies achieving better results with isLucid?

by Gabby


MedTech companies have expedited their digitalization and introduced more positions and channels—including self-service access points, web conferencing, and social media content—to endorse remote communication with both healthcare professionals (HCPs) and non-clinical partners such as payers, hospital representatives, and account managers. 

This is a complicated transition from an industry centered on sales representatives to an online and accessible environment. Although sales representatives remain the primary point of contact, firms are supplementing these connections with new resources and tools and synchronizing them across channels to meet the demands of stakeholders. This change is intended to allow stakeholders to make better and faster choices for the benefit of patients and health care systems. 

Many MedTech companies have implemented AI meeting assistants to further optimize their work. It contributes to better communication and process optimization in the industry. In this article, we will analyze how isLucid helps MedTech companies to operate more efficiently. 

Fluent communication 

Medtech businesses have struggled to recreate how they communicate with stakeholders and aim to create a seamless experience across digital, remote, and in-person channels; in fact, 77 percent report channel conflict. Stakeholders are looking for improved coordination across channels, more digital material that is relevant and suited to their requirements, and the opportunity to access information on demand. 

However, this can be improved while using isLucid. The AI meeting assistant offers various functionalities to optimize and make online meetings fluent. By providing meeting minutes and real-time transcription, unnecessary conflicts can be avoided.   

Real-time transcription is a tool that helps not only to stay focused and present throughout the meeting but also helps to avoid misunderstandings as everything said is visible in the transcript. Note-taking or meeting recording is no longer needed, as the full transcript can be shared with colleagues in or outside the organization. However, reading long transcripts could be time-consuming. That is why meeting minutes are a perfect way to share information with those who were not present. Meeting minutes functionality creates a document that consists only of the key things mentioned and can be shared with anyone of one’s choice.   

No more lost information 

Medtech executives make vital decisions affecting employees, shareholders, customers, and the healthcare system. Their industry is far more sophisticated than most others, making decision-making even more difficult. As a result, making decisions based on established principles that result in a remarkable performance is critical.   

Because of this reason, some decisions take a long time to make. It is not unusual that some critical information can be left in-between meeting notes or even forgotten.  

To solve this, isLucid offers to store the meeting data in Microsoft Teams safely. All meetings are transcribed and saved in the isLucid application, allowing the users to access it at any point in time. In addition, accessing the right meeting has never been easier. One can choose to view occurred calls according to the time and recency or have everything distributed in their calendar.  

This functionality eliminates the possibility of losing important notes among other documents and helps MedTech companies ensure they have covered all of the right points before making an important decision. 

Software compatibility 

Significant advancements in wireless technology, scalability, and processing power are driving MedTech innovation, resulting in the development of a growing number of linked medical devices capable of generating, collecting, analyzing, and sharing data. 

Yet, information sharing among communication and, for example, quality management systems is still a problem left to solve.  

Here is where isLucid offers to help. isLucid can be easily integrated with the mentioned systems and automatically link the data. In addition, isLucid offers the benefits of linking meeting information or created actionable items throughout the call to other platforms. These include Microsoft planner, Jira, Azure DevOps, and many more! 

Benefits of isLucid 

isLucid not only records and transcribes all meetings, but it also lets participants generate actionable items such as bookmarks or tasks during or after the meeting. Furthermore, isLucid provides an amazing chance to connect all of the information with other apps used in a business. 

In the case of MedTech companies, with the functionalities offered by isLucid, you can optimize your company in many aspects: 

  • Save up to 25% of time spent in online meetings and document preparation.  
  • Avoid misunderstandings and improve compliance reports. There is no need to spend extra time re-asking or re-checking details, isLucid will provide the key information for you. 
  • Optimize the decision-making process and do not worry about the loss of information. 
  • Achieve faster delivery and production times on your products as all of the crucial information for other departments can be easily shared without the need for extra meetings. 

To conclude, AI meeting assistant isLucid can be a powerful tool to optimize everyday operations, leading to an increase in the company’s productivity and efficiency.  


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