Jun 27, 2022

How isLucid is helping recruiting and staffing industry?

by Gabby


For some businesses, digital transformation fundamentally alters how they function within the organization or engage with consumers. In most situations, digital transformation involves acquiring technology and data solutions, such as applicant tracking systems or AI-powered tools, to simplify or eliminate administrative duties and boost operational efficiency inside and between departments or recruiting teams. 

While transforming into a fully digital industry, recruitment and staffing companies might face some hurdles. However, implementing previously mentioned online and AI tools significantly improve and eases the conversion.  

AI and automation, for example, improve operational efficiency, service quality, and client retention. Let’s apply this to recruitment: these assets lead to quicker recruiting procedures, happier candidates, and workers.  

This blog post will dive into AI meeting management software’s isLucid benefits to the recruitment and staffing industry. 

Interview more candidates within the same time frame 

In various ways, digital technologies may help recruiters speed up daily activities. One may, for example, automate administrative duties like note-taking during the candidate screening. isLucid offers to transcribe the whole conversation for you with the opportunity to mark the essential details as bookmarks or meeting minutes during and even after the meeting. It is noticed that these functionalities save up to 25% of time spent during each screening.  

And if this seems insignificant, consider how much time one would save if they have 5 or 10, or 20 vacant jobs simultaneously and have to screen 50 individuals for each task. 

And it’s not just recruiters who benefit from the digital innovations and implementation of AI meeting assistants. Candidates enjoy smoother and faster screenings without no misunderstandings. Not to mention that when applicants receive more individualized communication, such as comments or follow-ups, they have a better experience and are more likely to stay involved or contact you. 

Easier candidate summarization 

Digital transformation can also improve applicant evaluation. To begin, isLucid offers meeting minutes functionality. Meeting minutes are a written record of what happened at a meeting. Such a file contains the critical information spoken throughout a screening, with the option to see everything by the meeting segments. All meeting memos and bookmarks created will be included in the file, and no additional steps are needed. 

Following that, one may reduce the time spent on candidate summarization, which is said to take up to 30 minutes after each candidate screening.  

Meeting minutes files can be uploaded into any applicant tracking system, which means there won’t be a need for manual data transfer. Furthermore, the interviewer can share meeting minutes files with colleagues inside or outside the organization and the candidates themselves. 

No lengthy preparation for interviews 

As recruiters have to interview numerous individuals for various job positions, meeting preparation can be tricky and time-consuming. Preparing separate agendas and listing the key things to discuss according to the job position just adds to the workload of a recruiter.  

AI meeting management software isLucid offers to help with meeting preparation as well. With the prepared Meeting Agenda functionality, the user can choose a meeting agenda according to their needs. In the agenda, recruiters can already find listed topics that should be discussed during the interview. The user can edit the plan according to their needs, including adding, deleting, or changing the subject manually.   

While using this functionality, a recruiter does not need to worry about forgetting to discuss essential topics or asking crucial questions. IsLucid will remind them to do so. In addition, all of the created actionable items can be separated according to the topic discussed. 

Traceable information 

As the flow of information in recruiting and staffing industry is enormous, with recruiters having to juggle between different platforms and systems it is difficult to track the collected data.  

However, to address this, isLucid promises to securely store meeting data in Microsoft Teams. All meetings are recorded and kept in the isLucid application, which call participants can view at any time. Furthermore, finding the right meeting was never that simple. One may select to view calls based on time and frequency or have everything spread in their calendar. 

Benefits of isLucid 

isLucid not only archives and transcribes all interviews, but it also enables participants to create actionable items such as bookmarks or tasks either during or after the meeting. Also, isLucid provides an excellent chance to link all of the data with platforms used within the company. 

In the case of staffing and recruitment firms, the functions provided by isLucid allow you to improve your organization in a variety of ways: 

  • Reduce the time spent in online meetings and interviews by 25%. 
  • Optimize candidate summarization processes with the functions of meeting minutes and meeting sharing. 
  • Be ready for an interview, without worrying about forgetting something. Customize your meeting agenda according to your needs. 
  • Access all of the meeting information according to the date and time when the call occurred.  

To summarize, AI meeting assistant isLucid may be a great tool for optimizing day-to-day processes including applicant screening, summarization, and general team meetings. The use of isLucid increases the company’s productivity and efficiency. 


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