Jun 27, 2022

isLucid from Lucid Agreements Now Available on Microsoft AppSource

by Gabby





Vilnius, Lithuania – June 10, 2022 – Lucid Agreements today announced the availability of isLucid on Microsoft AppSource, an online cloud marketplace providing tailored line-of-business solutions. isLucid is part of a true revolution for online meetings, with voice-first technology and new functionalities.

Lucid Agreements was founded in 2020 in Lithuania, with advisors located across the globe. Its product, isLucid, is an AI meeting assistant that works natively in Microsoft Teams and can be found on Microsoft AppSource. isLucid transcribes conversations from voice to text in real-time during online meetings while identifying all meeting participants. It allows actionable items like tasks or meeting minutes to be transcribed immediately. Tasks can then be sent to project management software like Jira, Azure DevOps, Microsoft Planner, or more than 3,000 other software solutions that can be integrated via Zapier. The result is fewer, more productive meetings with much better outcomes.

Vytenis Pakenas, CEO of isLucid, said, “I’ve been in meetings when I was acting as the taskmaster instead of contributing to the meeting. I also have experienced, too many times, a customer saying, ‘It’s not what I meant.’ With isLucid, I am now confident that all the details of the meeting are captured and stored and easily accessible for all. What a relief and what a time-saver.”

isLucid is available on Microsoft AppSource with a new and more user-friendly app design. Users can bookmark important parts of the conversation by voice and get machine learning recommendations that spot important details worth paying attention to. isLucid is an online meetings assistant that accurately captures Microsoft Teams meetings to enable real-time task management. Completely integrated within the same Teams screen, it gives the participants the ability to focus on the conversation while the software takes notes. It provides easy project management integration as well as better accountability by capturing tasks and having all your tasks noted and traceable in multiple meetings.

Toby Bowers, General Manager, Business Applications Group, Microsoft Corp., said, “We’re happy to welcome isLucid to Microsoft AppSource, which gives our customers access to the best solutions available from our extensive partner ecosystem. Microsoft AppSource offers partner solutions such as isLucid from Lucid Agreements to help customers meet their needs faster.”

Learn more about isLucid at its page on AppSource.


About Lucid Agreements

The mission of the Lucid Agreements team is to make meetings actionable and effective. isLucid is part of the revolution of voice technology that lets everyone experience productive and actionable meetings despite the language they speak. isLucid saves companies money as well as time by speeding up processes and reducing the number of follow-ups and clarifications needed afterwards. At isLucid, we see communication as the cornerstone of every business, and through our technology and products, everyone will be able to achieve clarity.


For more information, press only:

Vytenis Pakenas, Lucid Agreements, +370 657 66 046, [email protected]


Get isLucid for MS Teams and try it out for free : isLucid Download Page
Or book a demo to get a walkthrough : Book a demo

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