Microsoft aims to add OpenAi's ChatGPT to create AI-powered version of Bing

Jan 09, 2023

Microsoft aims to add OpenAi’s ChatGPT to create AI-powered version of Bing

by Gabby


Microsoft Corporation recently released news about adding OpenAI’s ChatGPT tool to its search engine Bing. AI-powered version should have an impact on Microsoft’s Bing greatest rival Google. Because of the new launch, it is a possibility to bring consumers from Google to the Bing search engine. Also, it will bring its customers to find more accurate information faster.  

It is known that Microsoft back in 2019 offered 1 billion dollars funding to OpenAI. The deal formed between Microsoft and OpenAI had the purpose to develop artificial intelligence technology for Microsoft. The launch should be released before the end of March 2023.  


What is ChatGPT? 


OpenAI recently launched a ChatGPT tool. GPT-3 (or generative pre-training transformer) is a natural language processing tool that has the ability to act out a conversation, respond to follow-up inquiries, acknowledge mistakes, refute unfounded assumptions, and refuse improper demands. A chatbot is a piece of software that mimics human-like chat chats with people. Its main responsibility is to respond to user questions via instant messages.  

ChatGPT was released back in November. OpenAI founder Elon Musk first made an open-source launch as a test version But later as he become the owner of Twitter paused ChatGPT for training purposes. Elon Musk declared that OpenAI is no longer non-profit and open source.  


How Bing will create benefits for its customers? 


According to The Information , Microsoft with a new launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT will become more relevant to information seekers in terms of relevancy and accuracy. Artificial Intelligence incorporated into Bing will let people get a list of links and show answers to some queries like Google.  

Not only that but it also will offer natural language search. Instead of utilizing keywords, natural language search allows users to talk or type into a computer using their everyday language. The machine will translate the inquiry into something it can understand while users can speak in complete phrases in their native tongue as if they were conversing with a person. 


Respond from Google 


As Google is not rushing with implementing its own chatbot LaMDA Bot, Microsoft’s launch in Bing by the end of March can be a game changer. As a corporation of Google said, they are still not sure if some misinformation is going out with LaMBDA, would its customers see Google as a confident source of information.  

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