Sep 09, 2022

Microsoft Teams Essentials. How To Join a Meeting Without an Account and the App?

by Gabby


Microsoft Teams has gained immense popularity as the go-to collaboration tool. Many companies and organizations in the world use it for teams and employee meetings. The great thing is that now Microsoft Teams is not only limited to companies but also open for personal usage and small businesses. Many people start using it in their daily lives and even if you do not have time to create an account on the app, you can still use it. isLucid, an AI digital meeting assistant which transcribes and manages each part of your meeting, is native to Microsoft Teams, and has additional information about features and details of the Teams software. 

If you do not have a Microsoft Teams account, you can only join the meetings as a guest. Be aware in advance that you will have access to fewer features in Teams having no account. You will have access to the main features such as meeting chat and share screen, but you won’t have things like background effects. Also, there may be a case when some meetings do not allow entrance without an account. 

Joining Microsoft Teams Without an Account on Desktop and Without the App 

When you want to join Teams on Desktop without an account, you can either use the app or access it through the web. Downloading the app is not required.  

Step 1: Open the email where you have received the link to join the Microsoft Teams meeting. 


Step 2: The link will open on a website where you will see three options: download Teams, continue on the browser and log in to your existing account. Press ‘Continue on this Browser’ to continue without downloading the app. 


Step 3: When joining from the browser, you will receive a notification from Teams asking to give access to the microphone and camera. Click ‘Allow’ 

Step 4: Since you are joining without an account, it is important, and you must enter your name. The meeting organizer must recognize you to let you in the meeting. Other users will see the label ‘Guest’ near your name. After you have done this, press ‘Join Now’. 

Joining Microsoft Teams Meeting on a Mobile Device Without an Account (with app) 

First of all, if you want to join a regular Microsoft Teams video meeting on the phone, you must download the app. Then you follow similar steps as with the desktop. Open the meeting invite in your email which will automatically open the Teams mobile app. You put in your real name, check if the settings for the microphone and camera are correct, and press ‘Join Now’. 


Joining Microsoft Teams Meeting on a Mobile Device Without an Account (without an app) 

There is only a possibility to join the Teams meeting without an official app by calling into the meeting. This is a rather simple process, however, understand that you will not be able to view videos of other participants. 

The instructions are as follows: 

  1. You should first get the Conference number and ID from the meeting organizer. Since you probably got the invitation link in your email, all the information will be given there.
  2. Dial the meeting number but before give notice to the admin which number you will be calling from 
  3. When you hear the automated system, type in the Conference ID followed by the # (hash) sign. 
  4. The admin will allow you into the meeting and when already there you will be able to hear everyone and speak. 
  5. Other participants will recognize you by the phone number that you called from 

Joining a Microsoft Teams Meeting Using the Meeting ID 

The meeting ID can be found in your email where the invitation to the meeting is. If you want to join with the ID, enter the Teams app and put in the code as well as the password. 

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