September 22, 2021


by Gabby

How to set-up isLucid

On this page, you will find quick walk-through information helping you to set up isLucid. During this process you will:

  1. Consent isLucid on your organization
  2. Enable isLucid application for your users, in case you restricted from installing Teams Applications
  3. Pre-install isLucid for designated users


Providing consent for isLucid application on your tenant

isLucid does not compromise your security and internal procedures. We have a strong policy here not to become a shadow IT. This requires your involvement as an IT admin.

To provide consent for the application you have three options:

  1. After registration on isLucid Teams Application (start from here), you will get an email with a link. This link will be the only step you need to make (NOTE: Check SPAM folder just in case)
  2. Alternative 1: You can generate the consent link. Please change “NewTenantId” with your tenant id. You can find it within the Azure Portal under the Azure Active Directory section. Link to update:
  3. Alternative 2: By visiting the MS Teams admin portal you can go to the Teams Applications Management section. There you should by isLucid application using the search:
    List of apps in Microsoft Teams Admin Center
    Once found, please go to administration page. Here you can enable the application AND provide the consent. Simply open Permissions tab and hit “Review permissions”:
    isLucid in Microsoft Teams admin center

Enable isLucid for all of your users within your managed organization

If your organization has restricted access to install applications on Microsoft Teams, follow these steps:

  1. In the left navigation of the Microsoft Teams admin centre, go to Teams apps > Manage apps.
  2. Search for isLucid Application, click the app name to go to the app details page.
  3. Make sure isLucid has a status Allowed in your organization

You must be a global admin to do this. This option isn’t available to Teams service admins.


You might get run into the message indicating, that you don’t have sufficient rights. Contact your Microsoft Teams administrator to be given this access.

Pre-install the application for all user

To pre-install isLucid you need to go to MS Teams App Setup Policies page. Under the Global policy (or other preferred policy) you will be able to manage pre-installed applications. Choose isLucid, make it default so all users would have it enabled. To make app always visible for your users – pin it by placing app under the Pinned Applications section.

See the tutorial in detail on how to pre-install the isLucid application for all users within your organization: Preinstall isLucid for all users

Need to support other scenarios?

Extended setup for isLucid is required, if you need to have a meeting assistant during the calls from Teams to a standard (mobile/landline) phone or when you have 1:1 and group chat ad-hoc calls.

Sadly, Microsoft Teams by design does not support side pannel applications (the right-hand area on the call screen) in 1:1 and group chat calls. With isLucid, we still bring the experience of traceable and actionable meetings.

Follow this link for further explanation, how to run isLucid extended install

What’s next?

  1. To enable isLucid in Microsoft Teams calls to mobile phones or ad-hoc meetings from the personal or group chat, please visit this tutorial.
  2. Get documentation links ready and included in your help documentation for your users

Still have open questions? Ask away!

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