Mar 25, 2022

Shorter yet more informative online recruitment interviews

by Gabby


Online interviews for recruiters

According to the “Future-readiness of Organizations for a Hybrid World” report released by staffing firm TeamLease, more than three-quarters of organizations, or 76.8 percent, look forward to providing employees the opportunity of a favored approach like hybrid work, with time in the office and time remote work. 

After the global pandemic has almost ended, it is seen that more and more staffing businesses are moving towards being digitalized. The industry experiencing a fast shift to hybrid or fully online work has already noticed some operation-related factors that could be improved. These include the time spent on constant candidate interviews, essential data collection, or the required tools.  

This article will look at the factors mentioned and how to optimize them further. 

Screening summarization made easier. 

Online meetings are just a part of a lengthy candidate screening process in staffing and recruiting industries. After a call, a summarization and data transfer to Applicant Tracking Systems is needed. If we look at only the summarization process, it is measured that a recruiter spends up to 30 minutes to produce a record of one candidate.   

However, there is a solution that promises to reduce up to 25% of the time spent throughout and after the meeting. Meeting minutes are a must-have tool in such cases.   

Meeting minutes are a written record of everything that occurred during a meeting. Such a document consists of the critical information mentioned throughout a call, with the opportunity to see everything according to the parts of the meeting. A summary like that contributes to less time spent during the call, as one does not have to worry about constant note-taking. In addition, it ensures that nothing is forgotten and saves time on lengthy summarization processes.     

Interviews without misunderstandings 

Having to speak with many different individuals is a challenge on its own. Say, a recruiter was to interview someone who has a different dialect or is a foreigner who has an accent as his native language differs. Some misunderstandings might occur where an explanation or re-asking would be needed. As a result, this would only extend the time spent on the interview.  

That is why having transcription is the solution. AI meeting assistants offer users live transcription, which can be monitored anytime during the call. In addition, the transcript is traceable and can be accessed after the meeting has ended.   

Furthermore, the transcription can be set up by the needs of a recruiter and the candidate. Each call member can choose the language and dialect that they are speaking. The AI meeting assistant will then accurately transcribe everything, making the call fluent and less time-consuming.   

Flexibility on the devices used. 

Sometimes one might find themselves in a situation where an online meeting must be attended while not being home. This leads to the decision to make the call on the phone.  

While attending an online meeting using a mobile device, the recruiter risks missing essential information such as taking notes, or sometimes even being fully present at the call is challenging.   

However, there are specific ways to make online interviews conducted by phone exceptionally organized with the slightest effort.   

This is where AI meeting assistants come in. Despite using a different device for the interview, just like the communication platform, AI meeting assistants’ functionalities do not change. Real-time transcription, the creation of actionable items, and the opportunity to have everything saved can work perfectly fine. This allows one to be more mobile and flexible on the device used to attend online meetings.   

AI meeting assistants in recruiting industry 

IsLucid is innovative meeting management software accessible on Microsoft Teams. IsLucid allows callers to generate actionable items while keeping engaged in the conversation.  

The most user-friendly experience is provided through machine learning and customizable integrations. The AI meeting assistant saves time spent on candidate screenings and their summarization and encourages its users to be more mobile.  

In addition, isLucid can be linked to any applicant tracking system, ensuring safe and fast data transfer. There is no need to spend extra time and attention. IsLucid is here to make things easy and to boost productivity. 


Get isLucid for MS Teams and try it out for free : isLucid Download Page
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