Feb 04, 2022

Most online meetings should be optional. Here is why.

by Gabby


Most online meetings should be optional. Here is why.

Everyone has had that moment where they zone out during a conference or a meeting, and only understand it after it has happened. This is normal, as humans don’t have an infinite attention span. Another reason that makes it hard to pay attention is the fact that the subject of the meeting doesn’t involve you in any way and has no importance to you. You are only there because it is mandatory. This is exactly why certain meetings feel like a hassle, and the time feels slow. Making every online meeting mandatory doesn’t help. It has the opposite effect: it makes the meetings and attendees less efficient for many reasons.

Reasons why optional online meetings are superior.

One of the main reasons why optional online meetings are superior is the fact you don’t need to go to the ones that have no significance to you. Certain meetings cover topics that only impact some employees. It would make sense that those employees are the ones that have to attend, and other employees could attend them if they wanted, but it wouldn’t be mandatory for them. This would save time and make the people in the meetings more involved, as the meetings have a bigger influence on them. In addition, if the meetings are optional, it forces the organizers of the meeting to get clear beforehand and inform you about the topic. Knowing that it isn’t mandatory to attend the meeting would make the organizers prepare more thoroughly and advertise it for what it is. Another result is that the quality of the meetings is improved, as organizers want a higher attendance rate. Coming to a meeting because you want to is much better than coming – because it is mandatory and you were forced to.

So what could people do to boost online meeting efficiency and save time?

The solution is simple. isLucid offers an innovative transcription service that lets you be more efficient by creating actionable items. isLucid will transcribe the conversation upon your request, and make sure you don’t need to spend time writing down what was said by hand. This ensures an efficient meeting and also saves time. The Microsoft Teams extension lets call participants to create these actionable items with ease. It is fast, efficient, and reliable. It also works with management software and sends the information directly to them. By using isLucid and having optional online meetings, you ensure they are of high quality. The attendees will come on their own accord and be more active and interested, while those who do not attend will have information available – thanks to isLucid’s transcription. By using isLucid, you can relay information and tasks, while also ensuring that the important parts of the meeting aren’t forgotten after.

What is isLucid?

isLucid is an AI meeting software that works natively with Microsoft Teams. It utilizes advanced and precise voice recognition to transcribe your online meetings in real-time and make them more efficient. Instead of spending time writing down notes, creating wrap-up emails, and clarifying tasks, focus on what matters most – communicating. Create tasks, bookmarks, and meeting minutes with isLucid in more than 20+ languages and their respective dialects. Transfer your tasks to preferred management software such as Atlassian Jira, Azure DevOps, MS Planner, Zapier, etc . isLucid helps your team think clearly and stay lucid.

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