September 21, 2020

Remove users right to use the isLucid application

by Gabby

Remove Users

Remove users right to use isLucid

You need to revoke a recording policy to remove rights to your users. To do that please log in to PowerShell and do the following:

  1. Remove the right for the user. Replace his identity with email user uses to login to your organization:
    Remove-CsGroupPolicyAssignment -Identity <[email protected]> -PolicyName isLucidPolicy
  2. Verify the policy removal:
    Get-CsOnlineUser <[email protected]> | ft sipaddress, tenantid, TeamsComplianceRecordingPolicy

What’s next?

  1. Nothing! You are all set and ready to Rock 🤟🏼
  2. If anything, fill out the contact form below, and we will reach out to You Shortly!

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