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Oct 15, 2021

The best apps for Microsoft Teams

by Gabby


Five Best apps for Microsoft Teams

How to get the very best out of your Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams has rapidly gained popularity over the past few years. As working from home and remote working has increased, Microsoft Teams has become the foundation of most people’s everyday office life. But why settle for basic, when there’s a way to boost productivity, improve task management, task planning, project management and so much more? We’ve got you covered! Here’s a look at the best apps to download for Microsoft Teams, that will ensure that you get so much more done by doing so much less.


Microsoft Teams: What’s the big deal?

User experience is one of the key focuses of Microsoft Teams. It brings together all the various aspects of Office 365 and offers the entire toolset in one convenient space. So, where do all these different apps come into play? Microsoft Teams Apps allow you to get more work done, without having to leave the Microsoft Teams platform. Convenient, easy and efficient – that’s a big yes from us. However, in a market that is saturated with every app claiming to be the next best thing – it becomes difficult to navigate which apps are useful and which aren’t worth the download. In this post, we’re going to list five useful teams applications that each should use.


Microsoft Teams App 1: Planner

Great planning makes all the difference. With the Planner App, you can organize all your tasks within the Teams space. This allows you to quickly assign tasks to team members, get notified once you’ve been assigned a task and stay up to date with the progress of each task.


Microsoft Teams App 2: Trello

Collaboration just got a whole new meaning. Trello is a list and board creating platform that allows you to customize your own exceptional digital planning board. Share your Trello board with Team members and easily manage projects, organize tasks and put the ‘fun’ back in ‘functional workspace’. We’re obsessed, and we’re sure you’ll be too!

Download Trello here:Trello


Microsoft Teams App 3: Karma

The Karma app is a must-have for every office space. This app is specifically designed to help add some personal touches, appreciation and good old work ethic back into the online office space. Connect with your team members on another level, as the Karma app enables you to share micro-feedback instantly, set real-life perks and rewards and engage with your team and gain valuable insights. In short, the Karma app allows you to improve company culture in a way that helps you see actual results, and we’re here for it.

Download Karma here: Karma Download Page


Microsoft Teams App 4: isLucid

Save on average 15 minutes per meeting for wrap-up and tasks assignment using isLucid. With tasks being created on your favourite project and tasks management tools, you don’t need to manually enter tasks from your notes anymore. isLucid allows you to transcribe conversation from voice to text during the meeting and capture actionable items like tasks or meeting minutes. It stores them in your already used tasks management software (Microsoft Planner, Atlassian Jira, Azure DevOps).

Get meeting minutes document once Microsoft Teams meeting is finished to share with external stakeholders, while the internal team already sees tasks within your selected software.

Download isLucid application from the AppSource here and receive the first 30 days completely FREE. Download here: isLucid Download Page


Microsoft Teams App 5: Polly

Along came Polly! Finally, a surefire way to run live Polls, Surveys, Quizzes, Trivia and Q&A in Microsoft Teams and Meetings. This app is our go-to for instant, live engagement in Microsoft Teams and Meetings. Not only does Polly make it so much easier to engage, receive feedback and capture responses – but it improves your teams’ ability to make data-driven decisions in Microsoft Teams without wasting any time!

Now that you’re all clued-up with the perfect selection of apps to improve your productivity and Microsoft Teams experience, may the downloading begin!

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