Dec 12, 2021

The Perfect Match: Jira x isLucid with Microsoft Teams

by Gabby
A beginners guide to Jira Project Management software with isLucid


We get it – life can get busy. Especially when you’re trying to manage a thousand things at once. We’re here to take some of the load off your shoulders, because contrary to popular belief, sometimes it’s okay to take a shortcut or two, especially when it helps you save a whole lot of time.


Atlassian Jira: What does it do and why you should care


In short – Jira is a powerful work management tool. Think of it as your assistant, but so much more. The Jira software is part of a bigger family under the Atlassian company umbrella which includes tailored features and software that’s designed to help different teams and niche projects. Today we’re going to deep-dive into the project management software, which is specifically designed to help teams of all types manage their workflow, deadlines, and projects.

How to use Jira as software.


One of the greatest things about the Jira software is that it is configured to fit any type of project. This means that your team has the option to either start with a template or create their very own custom workflow. Furthermore, you can track each task and make sure that it passes through the necessary workflow process so you can stay on top of what can be ticked off that to-do list and what might need some more attention. Jira is also a great win when it comes to administrative permissions and delegation. Find all your project information in one place and easily set customizable permissions to improve the efficiency of your dashboard.


How can Jira Project Management benefit your business?


If you’re someone who appreciates efficient and effective processes and timelines – this one’s for you. Jira is exceptional in creating clear structures of tasks with all the needed timelines and deadlines included. It also gives you valuable insights on who is working on what and how the process is going. Not only does this give you a well-rounded overview of your business, but it allows you to comment and help where needed.


How does isLucid come into the picture?

isLucid seamlessly integrates with the Jira platform, allowing you effortlessly transcribe conversations in Microsoft teams. Users can furthermore mark the text when someone mentions a task and select where to add it – in this case, Jira. You can then select the preferred assignee and project to which it should be added. And voila, the task is automatically transferred to Jira.


Why do people prefer working with isLucid and Jira combined


Did someone say less admin? We’re here for it! Take some time to breathe in your next meeting. No more need to multitask and take notes and figure out how to turn the initial brief into an effective workflow process. We’ve got it covered.

Every task is captured exactly how it was said, minimizing any chance of misunderstandings. No more wasted time for follow-ups and clarifications, people can look at the transcription after the meeting if they need more context or look at the tasks that were assigned to them.

Ready to start boosting your productivity? Let’s go! Bridge the gap between communication and project management by incorporating isLucid into your Jira Project Management.

Get isLucid for MS Teams and try it out for free : isLucid Download Page
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