May 11, 2021

The power of Tasks by Planner and isLucid combination

by Gabby

For close to a month, we are super happy to have Microsoft Tasks for Planner integration within isLucid. Planner is a project management tool natively embedded into the MS Teams environment. If these are your first steps with project management software, you can use it to create tasks, organize team workflow and always stay up to date about the upcoming tasks and what was already made.   

Tasks by Planner is really simple to use, but it can instantly make your tasks processing and tracking procedures way more effective and shared with your team instantly instead of using the standard pen and paper or emails approach. You can have a schedule view of your tasks – it’s like a calendar to better understand project status and meet the deadlines. Also, there is an ability to assign tasks to multiple people, group and filter tasks, and receive notifications of upcoming deadlines that nothing would be missed. No matter from your industry, experience, as long as you need a tool that can do the job – Tasks by Planner is the right choice.   

With isLucid go the extra mile and store actionable items within Tasks by Planner from your verbal conversation on MS Teams calls. Before bragging about how cool it is, we used this integration internally for an entire month with managerial tasks. We can tell for granted – it is a fast and 100% accurate method to orchestrate responsibilities in a traceable way. We can not live without this integration internally. During daily stand-ups, 1:1s with colleagues, sales discussions, once something is actionable, we say it out loud (in the way how it should be noted), select the text, assignee, and create. *Blimp* – message in the Outlook of attendee about the new task assigned and we are sure – it will not be forgotten.  

We strive to make online meetings the most effective use of time, where each meeting has lucid agenda, perfect notes, and fruitful outcomes. To ensure that every team member would have the same perception and clear goals on what to work next. A combination of isLucid and project management tools empowers users to achieve clarity and productivity in every conversation. And what could be cooler than making a product which we use ourselves?  

Just try it by yourself and see how smooth and effective your work can be. Get isLucid and use it in combination with Tasks by Planner! 

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