Adding isLucid application to the online meeting

Help – how to add isLucid to a meeting?


Microsoft currently allows in meeting experience only for created and stored events within the calendar. Once this experience will be enabled for all meetings we will adjust isLucid so it would be always visible within the call screen. To add isLucid to a meeting 2-ways and see it on a call, do the following:

  1. Adding isLucid directly in a meeting
  2. Adding isLucid when scheduling a meeting

Adding isLucid directly to a meeting

Start/join a call

Simply go on to any call

Select the App menu

Push on the icon with the application menu and the list will drop down with applications optimized for meetings.

Select isLucid

Now you can use isLucid as you normally would

Adding isLucid when scheduling a meeting

Go to your calendar

on MS Teams and create a new meeting or select existing one

Select meeting

Choose the event and click edit

On a new tab

When a new window opens, click on the plus sign (+) at the top

Locate application

Search for isLucid and select it.


Click add button

Saving your choose

Click Save. The app will be added to your calendar event and you will see it during the meeting.

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