December 23, 2020

Why we have rebranded?

by Gabby

From Lucid Agreements, we become isLucid – a simple and transparent state of being 100% lucid. We were working to create tools and functionalities that would bring our users smooth online meetings experience, with no distractions and perfect notes. An environment where you can truly focus on listening and understanding your partners and colleagues. And at the same time, be more productive by easily managing your notes and assignments during the conversation.


We have combined Machine Learning and voice technology with online meetings environment, where you can easily create tasks, meeting minutes from transcription. Sound like a complex mechanism but look how simple it works for you. So this is exactly what “isLucid” stands for – simplicity, productivity, and the most important crystal clear communication, with the same level of understanding for all participants. We are here to bring 100% clarity into your organizations so that you could enjoy the fruitful outcomes of the next generation communication. Now it isLucid.

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