March 03, 2021

World Hearing Day and Digital Accessibility

by Gabby


As the 3rd of March signifies World Hearing Day and more than 6% of the world population have hearing loss – it is our aspiration to address this topic in our blog. This year World Health Organization has launched a campaign called Hearing Care for All.  


The campaign’s goal is to bring hearing loss awareness into focus for policymakers and the general public. The organization emphasizes the need to take preventive measures against auditory disabilitiestheir treating and especially addressing hearing care. One of the aims is also to reflect on communication adaptation and improvement 


We also need to highlight that recently the EU legislation has made the big stand for the digital accessibility to people with hearing impairments. Steps are taken to ensure equal access to information for hard of hearing. It is now mandatory for public institutions to adjust the published content online with captions and subtitles.  


As communication today has moved to online platforms and work is often done remotely it is important to discuss the live conversation principles.  It is known that listeners with hearing loss, or disabilities process speech differently than their colleagues with normal hearing. Moreover, the decoding of complex sentences has lower performance rates. In a working environment, when not all employees know sign language or are not informed about some hearing difficulties of a specific person this raises quite a challenge. 


We are proud to say that is IsLucid features adapt to helping hearingimpaired people in an online meeting environment. Our app uses speech recognition and provides live transcription on the side panel in any chosen language. Thus, people with hearing disorders can clearly understand information that was spoken immediately. As a result, having smooth and stress-free communication with others.

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