June 10, 2021

Starting from our pains to solve yours

by Gabby



This case study is meant to show how we, as isLucid founders and team members, use our solution on a daily basis. It helps us navigate through the jungles of information and different tasks to excel as professionals in our sphere.     

Experience working in different fields and industries showed that the amount of information during team meetings is way harder to handle than it seems at first glance. Trying to listen and take notes simultaneously distracts your attention from the ongoing discussion, and it’s really easy to lose crucial details that could play a huge role later on. Follow-ups and additional explanations are needed to align perceptions and avoid situations like ‘this is not what we agreed.’ As it is said, the devil is in the details. This is where the idea of isLucid software was born. But this time, it’s not about history.    


Daily meetings


We have a tradition that every morning starts with a short meeting, just to come to an understanding point of view of what everyone in the team is doing today. Some new ideas arise from the discussion, and we can mark them instantly for meeting minutes. And this is done spotlessly with a few clicks with no need to write things down. We couldn’t count times when it’s early in the morning, and you stare for a few seconds, daydreaming, and then suddenly you realise that you missed some information. Well, for us, it is not a problem just glancing at the real-time transcription, and you are up to date with your team in a few seconds.    

Having employees worldwide help fully understand a person who is thousands of kilometers away, or even having a slight accent is not a problem anymore. We see clear communication as the cornerstone of every business, and we are working on a mission to help companies excel.  


Benefits for us   


Being a developer has its pluses. Trust me, we can play around with new features a lot sooner. The most noticeable feature was the Task by Planner integration to isLucid. It further helped everyone in the team make sure daily, and future plans or even brainstormed ideas are captured for implementation without forgetting it accidentally. For our developers, Atlassian Jira is the daily software they use while creating new projects. Setting new scopes and assigning who is responsible for particular tasks, also keeping up with the deadlines. Let’s agree nobody is perfect, and we sometimes forget information or think that we said it out loud, when in reality, it was just the fruit of our imagination. Listing the main benefits for our daily operations:   


– Reduced the time on meeting significantly    

– Delegating tasks to one another  

– Creating meeting minutes that no ideas would be forgotten 

– Information is communicated clearly and can be seen at any time for later checking.

– Ensuring that even international team members would understand each other clearly.  




We could be bragging about how it has helped us. But we just wanted to show how we are using it in different situations and real-life scenarios, not just on paper. It is intuitive to create tasks on the go and focus without the human error of forgetting something post-meeting. Even if this happens, you can always go back and look at everything that was said or even show it to your colleague who was absent or daydreaming during the online meeting. 


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