Sep 05, 2022

4 Best Softwares for Staffing and Recruiting industry

by Gabby

Digitalization in The Staffing and Recruiting Industry


Today different technologies play a significant role in optimizing business processes and improving work efficiency. For the staffing industry, adapting to technological changes means challenging the status quo and accepting the different recruiting agency software to fasten the hiring process and digitalize operations. There are numerous benefits to talent management software solutions. Recruitment tools save time for the company by automating a faster recruitment process, improve the quality of hired people, have applicant tracking systems which monitor the whole recruitment procedure and improve overall candidate experience. The talent management software market is huge and there are many things that provide massive value. Online meetings are an essential part of the hiring process, and some ways recruiters improve the hiring process can be found here. To establish an overall sense of the recruiting software market, this article will give 4 best recruiting and staffing software and different examples of tools that help recruiting company find the best staffing software that can use to its benefit.


ICIMS – The Cloud-Based Software


ICIMS works as a Talent Cloud or HR software that enables businesses to find, hire and advance employees all through a single recruiting platform. The company believes that talent is essential to each business transformation so having tools which can connect the right teams with the right talent is empowering. ICIMS has different products such as the number one applicant tracking system which allows you to find the right employees quickly and manage the recruitment lifecycle effectively, a candidate relationship management system, text and video engagement and many more. To read more about the specific product and get a staffing solution, go to their website. The best part is that each of iCIMS product solutions are personalized for the specific client. The product depends on the business need such as attracting or hiring talent, industry where retail may need text engagement while hospitals would need a candidate relationship management system and the specific role of the recruiting process that needs improvement.


JobDiva – The Leading Global Applicant Tracking System in The Staffing and Recruiting Industry 


Another one of recruiting tools is JobDiva provides its AI powered solution through the SaaS model. The client base of the company has greatly expanded because it supplies the most effective applicant recruitment software in the market.  Professional recruiters on TrustRadius voted JobDiva among the best companies providing Applicant Tracking Systems. The company provides many different solutions. The main Applicant Tracking System delivers friendly and effective user experience which is results-oriented, everything can be done in one page and the solution uses automation powered by AI. Another solution is Native Text Messaging, which recruiters use for messaging. It is perfect because it is native to the JobDiva solution, engages with candidates at different instances, helps follow texting activity and allows to view and send mass texts. To find out more about what JobDiva offers, visit their website.


Zoho Recruit – The Single Recruitment Platform for Your Staffing Agency 


Zoho Recruit is one of the leaders in the Talent Acquisition market with their hiring platform that allows for efficient completion of the recruitment process. Its features include sourcing and attracting, tracking and engagement and automation with hiring. The software spreads the job openings widely to attract new talent fast, ranks candidates with AI which gives space for tracking and building relationships and allows for instant hiring with onboarding through analytics and automated workflows. The solutions are divided by organization type such as recruiting agencies or corporate HRs, industry such as manufacturing and solution such as recruitment marketing. Additional information can be found on their website. An example of Zoho Recruit solution for recruiters is video interviews. They allow for more focus on hiring talent, provide live interview function and connect all important information about the candidate with the main talent management system. In comparison, IsLucid AI meeting assistant with the powerful Microsoft Teams which has many benefits gives access to meeting minutes and the possibility to bookmark important details by voice and automatically. This helps focus on the candidate itself more and have all interview information in one place later.


Connecteam – Best All-in-One Staffing Agency Software  


Connecteam is software that offers recruiters use to take care of all HR operations in one place. Recruiters can manage, train and communicate with their employees without any problems. The software functions are divided into three areas: operations, communication and human resources. It allows recruiters to maximize business operations and save time by taking care of employee scheduling, tracks time, gives one platform for all task management and even has digital checklists. Connecteam also works as a communication app to share any employee updates or announcements, give out surveys, provide employees with knowledge about the business. Finally, the software facilitates employee management through employee rewards, overseeing employee achievements, efficient document and compliance management and monitoring employee training. You can find more about more software options in their website along with a magnificent 12 industries that the app works for.


Software Need for All Staffing Companies 


The software examples that the article discusses show that having recruiting software reduces the overall time of hiring, improves and monitors the whole recruitment process from start to finish, boosts applicant experience and internal communication. Any of the talent management solutions introduced can bring immense value to a staffing and recruiting company. Digitalization of the industry does not stop and companies which do not advance together with technology may see stagnant growth and massive inefficiency. The best thing to do is to figure out the specific needs of your recruiting or staffing company and pick the software solution that will automate and maximize productivity of all operations regarding talent management.


IsLucid AI Meeting Assistant 


IsLucid is the perfect meeting management transcription software which will become your AI note taking assistant during any meeting. The solution is compatible with Microsoft Teams and allows for multiple actionable items during meetings such as creating a task, bookmarking an important detail or having access to meeting minutes later. An additional massive bonus is that the software transcribes multiple languages and dialects, so you do not have to worry about the actual speech or word pronunciation.

If you are interested in trying out the isLucid AI meeting assistant to solve all your miscommunication and inefficient recruiting problems, get the app on Microsoft Teams and try it free-of-charge: isLucid Download

You can also book a demo and get a walkthrough right here.

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