Nov 16, 2022

Best sales software for sales teams to look for in 2023

by Gabby


6 Sales Enablement Tools to Boost Revenue in 2023


What is the hourly value of your sales team? This hour could be utilized to make a cold call that results in a trial. A product demonstration that converts hesitant prospects into customers. A series of follow-up emails that generate 10 new leads. You could enter data during that time.

According to a recent study, more than three-quarters of sales managers consider the right sales technology to be “critical or extremely critical to closing deals.” With so many salespeople emphasizing the need for cutting-edge sales technique to increase sales engagement, it is essential that your sales team has access to the best available tools.

Time well spent equals more deals closed. Why do most sales representatives spend only one-third of their time actively selling?

The proper sales management software keeps your sales representatives organized and enables them to devote their time to activities that contribute to the bottom line (and give you the metrics you need to support them).


What is sales software?


Sales software is any digital application that simplifies, organizes, and streamlines the sales process. It enables them to quickly obtain the information required to make more informed decisions and optimize any aspect of their sales team’s workflow (for better sales performance and pipeline management).

A single tool for automating manual tasks could be sufficient. However, if you sell enterprise software, which typically has longer sales cycles and multiple decision-makers, you may require a suite of integrated tools.

This is the operating system for the modern sales team, combining essential tools such as sales CRM tools, automated calling and emailing tools, and meeting information management transcription tools. This ensures that everyone, from individual sales representatives to the sales director, has the tools they need to perform their best practices.

As a result, CRM systems will soon be part of a company’s tech stack that everyone uses. So how do you determine which is best for your team?


Reasons to use sales tools to achieve the best sales


Close more deals

According to LinkedIn’s 2021 State of Sales Global report, sales technology helps 94% of sellers win more deals. 74% of sales professionals polled said their company intends to increase its investment in sales intelligence tools.

Increase your trustworthiness

Buyers look for salespeople they can rely on. According to LinkedIn, 89% of buyers describe salespeople as trusted advisors. Furthermore, sales tech assists sellers in gaining a deeper understanding of prospects. Sales tools, according to 93% of salespeople, help them build stronger relationships with buyers.

Obtain the necessary sale data

Data is becoming increasingly important as sales operations expand. Access to accurate and up-to-date information is essential for sales teams to identify potential customers, track conversions and optimize their strategies. Data can also be used to measure the performance of both individual salespeople and sales teams as a whole. This gives valuable information about where things can be improved.

Furthermore, due to the pandemic, a new sales trend emerged. Metrics have shifted away from quotas and toward customer satisfaction and activity, which can be difficult to track without the proper sales tools.


6 essential sales software solutions for sales and market teams


While moving towards a purchase, buyers pass through various stages of a sales funnel. To identify the standard milestones of your customers’ purchase journey, such as taking a demo, speaking with a sales rep, and purchasing, you must clearly define these stages. You must seek out sales software that is designed with your company’s size, sales strategy, and requirements in mind.

You can use the right tool to send automated follow-up emails, social media messages, and phone calls. Tools for sales can also easily track how your leads are generated to gain a better understanding of your sales pipeline.

CRM sale tools to store all information 


Price Range: Free to $1,200 per month (Sales Hub)

The best feature of Hubspot is its integrated marketing and sales tools.

Ideal for medium to large sales groups.

Hubspot is one of the simplest tools to implement, providing free (albeit limited) CRM software for small sales teams. Hubspot’s free offering automatically logs your sales activities (including emails, sales calls, and meetings) and provides an overview of your entire pipeline.

Hubspot is a good stand-alone CRM, but it becomes prohibitively expensive (and complicated) to use it for anything else, and it is ultimately viewed as more of a marketing tool. Hubspot is not the best option for dedicated or high-volume sales teams, despite the fact that its free CRM offering attracts a large number of early sales teams.


Price Range: Free to $69 per user, per month (21-day free trial)

Freshsales Is the best activity tracking and automation software.

This tool helps sales teams plan events and other forms of customer engagement and also helps send out reminders and monitor the outcomes.

This is an easy-to-use customer relationship management system for sales that manages your leads and the activities you perform to convert them into customers. 

When nurturing a lead, you can keep track of the actions you take and the results of each. Once the CRM has collected sufficient data, its Freddy AI feature will execute future sales activities that it predicts will assist you in converting new leads the most. This makes Freshsales suitable for businesses seeking a data-driven approach to sales activity planning.

Zoho CRM

Price Range: Free to $52 per user, per month (15-day free trial)

Track and score leads and their source in order to improve sales forecasting.

Automatically assign scores to incoming leads and prioritize them so that the hottest leads can be addressed immediately.

Zoho is a marketing-focused CRM that aids in the generation, comprehension, and conversion of leads. It will tell you how leads discover and interact with you initially, such as through your website or social media. Once captured, it will track which nurturing emails or other activities pique their interest, even assigning engagement scores. This makes Zoho CRM the best option for those looking to track the response of their leads to specific marketing and nurturing strategies.

sales automation platform to call and email


Price Range: Free to $24 per month, 2-user minimum

One of the leading sales and customer service center solutions. It provides the best method for recording phone calls.

JustCall is a popular cloud-based phone system designed with the specific needs and requirements of sales and customer service teams in mind. There is no dedicated app for recording phone calls. As one of its many features, it automatically records every call between sales representatives and customers or prospects.

In addition, to call recording, additional features such as the predictive dialer, voice mail, call forwarding, and call monitoring are available. JustCall transcribes each call in real time in order to provide instantaneous data insights regarding individual conversations. It employs conversation analytics to extract actionable insights.


Price Range: From $25 to $129 per month, 14-day free trial

The smoothest communication across all touchpoints, automatically recorded

Small- and medium-sized businesses, startups, and remote sales teams are those who benefit most from this product.

Close was created to be the most effective sales management software for small and medium-sized businesses that want to close more deals in less time. This means we’ve prioritised developing a streamlined user interface that highlights the features your sales team relies on every day to contact leads and close deals.

Close combines a robust CRM with in-built calling, emailing, and automation to accelerate and improve the productivity of your sales team, and sales leaderboards to motivate your team. In addition, it includes robust reporting and lives coaching features to keep you on track to meet your sales KPIs. Close is a good tool for high-volume sales teams that want to close deals.

Meeting information management and transcription tool


Price Range: From $70 to $450 per month, 30-day free trial, click see more details.

isLucid, an AI-based digital meeting assistant, manages every part of your online meeting. It can improve customer service.  

isLucid transcribes your meetings in real time with multilanguage support. You can create tasks or highlight important details through voice commands. Every task integrates with multiple project management and CRM software. IsLucid allows you to create meeting minutes and have a generate meeting minute file after the meeting. You can edit it, add tasks and share it with other employees.  

Additionally, with isLucid, people can instantly capture tasks and meeting minutes from transcription, saving 25% of the time for a recap, managing tasks after the meeting, sending follow-up emails, and so on.   

If you are interested in isLucid digital meeting assistant, get it for MS Teams and try it for free: isLucid Download Page.    

You can also book a demo and get a walkthrough: Book a Demo

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