Dec 20, 2022

Best video conferencing platforms: which one to choose?

by Vytenis


Remote working is a part of almost every organization. 16 percent of companies worldwide are working completely remotely. Another 40 percent use a hybrid working policy.

Numbers show that remote technologies are very important nowadays. The best solution can be hard to find for most companies. The best remote experience offers different calls and video apps for every need possible.

Best online video conferencing apps should have free conference calls, and HD video meetings. Also joining a meeting should be an easy task. Best online meeting apps should have way more features than these.

What is video conferencing software?


Video conferencing software is a platform that allows connecting with people online. Users are able to video call, have a video conference, or have regular meetings. It allows two or more people to meet in real time over the internet. Video conferencing services allow people to make presentations with a screen share function. Also, you can invite other people to join a meeting over the meet link.

What is important when choosing video conferencing software?  


– Highquality audio and video. Best video conferencing software requires high-quality video no matter what. While searching for the best remote meeting app it should be the first point to look at.

– Recording. This feature is important because usually part of the company‘s employees cannot take part in a remote meeting. The recording gives an opportunity not to miss important meetings for all organizations.

– Ability to add people from the outside. Taking an online event that includes participants from outside of the organization it is important to have an online meeting software tool that can do that. Adding people should not be a very difficult task in a remote meeting app because of the main purpose of such events.

– Mobile Accessibility. Mobile technologies takes an important part of our lives. It is important to have mobile accessibility as a part of the video conferencing solution. It gives participants a meeting solution to access video calls easier on the go.

Screen-sharing ability. Screen-sharing allows users to make visual tasks.  It helps organizations show employees presentations or held training online.  The screen share option is probably the most important video conferencing feature for schools.

Event scheduling. It is also very important to schedule a meeting and add it to the agenda. Event scheduling helps companies to plan their time by adding virtual events to the calendar. Creating a meeting and adding a meeting in Google Calendar helps employees to plan their time productively.

How to choose the best remote meeting app for 2023?   


Best online meeting app for large enterprises


Microsoft Teams. MS Teams is also a video conferencing app that has all the main features and also is integrated with other Microsoft programs such as PowerPoint, OneNote, Word, etc. Teams are a useful tool for such industries as Information Technologies, computer software, and higher education. The platform allows users to collaborate on documents, video chat, and calls.  Microsoft Teams allows its participants to join meetings by sending them meeting URLs to a video conference call. Meeting participants can be expanded into the conference room where everyone could work individually.

Google Meet. A real-time web conferencing platform gives its users an opportunity to access meetings from their Gmail accounts. It has all of the main features like screen sharing, mobile accessibility, and private chats. Besides, this video conferencing app saves online meeting recordings to Google Drive. Also can add meetings to Google Calendar. Google Meet has a free plan which gives up to one hour of meeting time. With Google Meet companies can create meetings online for 100 attendees for free. This online meeting app is a solution for small businesses and individuals, also teachers or webinar organizers.

Best remote meeting apps for schools  


Big Blue Button. The finest video conferencing tool for use by instructors, schools, and students who attend online courses is likely Big Blue Button. High-definition audio, video, screen-sharing, and recording capabilities are offered by BigBlueButton. A meeting for 50 students can be held using a video conferencing platform for as little as $12 per month.

Zoom is a video conferencing tool that businesses of all sizes may use. App offers free use until the company needs to have meetings with up to 100 participants or for more than 45 minutes in length. In addition to creating a special URL for each meeting that can be shared with anybody, Zoom is mobile-friendly. Users of MS Teams as well as Zoom Meeting can enter a meeting space and have group meetings.

Best remote conferencing apps for small enterprises  


Cisco Webex Meetings.  Cisco Webex is an industry-standard but can be expensive. Others are growing in popularity and may even be offered free or at a low cost. Webex is one of the best video conferencing tools designed for personal and small businesses, and also for enterprises. Webex offers a free plan that includes up to 40 minutes of online meeting time that can include up to 100 participants. The conferencing software Webex has a personal version for individual users and a starter version for small businesses and sole entrepreneurs.

Blue Jeans. Verizon developed the Blue Jeans video conferencing app, which is optimized for Android devices. The team meeting software allows small businesses to host meetings and includes all the essential video conferencing functions. There is no free trial period for Blue Jeans, and the entry-level subscription costs $9,99 per month. Users of the plan have access to services including unlimited virtual meeting time, 5 hours of recording, and up to 100 attendees.

Best video conferencing software by price  


Slack. Users of the meeting app Slack can communicate with one another in real-time while discussing business online. Slack is the best for internal communication. Users of the meeting app Slack can communicate with one another in real-time while discussing business online. Slack has a free plan that allows its users to have only one-on-one video conversations with screen sharing. The monthly plan is $6,75 per month Slack allows them to have online meetings with up to 50 people.

Whereby. Whereby is a great video conferencing program that allows you to host online meetings directly in your web browser without the need for any additional web conferencing software. Professionals may easily start a conference using this web conferencing program and bring in a remote team by just giving the meeting URL. Whereby has all the essential functions but is still unique due to its affordability and ease of use; at $6,99 per month, it is one of the least expensive online meeting platforms.

Best remote meeting apps for real-time transcription        


isLucid. isLucid is an innovative transcription service that enables call participants to create action items and be more efficient while taking a video conference. Platform transcribes your meetings in real time with multi-language support. isLucid works with Microsoft Teams and let users transcribe their online meeting, take notes, and generate meeting summaries. isLucid offers a free version to try before getting a full subscription.

With the app, meeting attendees can easily create meeting minutes files where all the main information and the most important task or key points are being held. isLucid works with MS Teams which is an easy way to process online meeting organization.


If you are interested in isLucid digital meeting assistant, get it for MS Teams and try it for free: isLucid Download Page.

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