May 06, 2021

Case Study “How isLucid is helping Medical Device manufacturer”

by Gabby

How Medical Devices manufacturer shortened the delivery time for clients with isLucid




This case study is meant to provide information on how the isLucid product reduces the delivery time of medical devices and increases sales capacity for account managers within company X (Name hidden due to NDA restrictions).

Company X produces and sells customizable medical software as devices to their customers – public and private hospitals and nursing homes. Due to each client specific, Company X needs to assure these customizations requirements are properly captured, managed and implemented while ensuring the regulatory requirements of traceability and good cybersecurity practices. 


Main challenge


isLucid sales team together with the client identified, that the main delivery problem arises from the need to sort out misalignments of initial requirements provided (by the account manager) and expected end-result by the client. Before using isLucid client was taking these adjustments as bug fixes. 

The client tried multiple approaches, such as recording meetings, sending technical consultants to all of the implementation-related meetings, preparing super detailed technical specifications. As the software needs to be built around internal processes with the end clients, these approaches were either super expensive or provided no measurable results. 

It is clear, that a combination of R&D, production process and adequate sales must be orchestrated to the maximum to be present in a competitive environment.




After a quick online session, we had a clear picture of responsibilities and roles within the organization. We targeted account managers, as people interacting with end clients and responsible for such information transfer to the implementation team within the Company. Daily responsibilities for such a person are: 

– Maintaining the relationship with the customer. 

– Getting the long-term needs and planned changes for overall IT infrastructure within the client.

– Working as both salesperson to upsell new releases of the software and as customer success manager daily. 

– Creation of tickets for implementation team within company’s used Atlassian Jira software.

– Informing customer on the status of the activities. 


Changes with isLucid 


Account managers, as before organize their meetings with Clients. isLucid application is added to Microsoft Teams meetings. Once chit chat is finished, the application is launched. Account managers during the discussion using the real-time transcript create actionable items. With the discovery, it was noticed, that more items are noted for him/herself, while with set projects tasks are added directly to Jira. Even before the meeting is finished, all the actionable items are stored within the project management software. Account Manager, using the software, are generating meeting minutes document and sending this as a follow up to the end-client.

It was noticed a few unexpected improvements:

– Decreased number of follow up questions within Jira due to better definitions;

– Faster updates to the implementation team using quotes from the full transcription;

– Account Managers started using Planner, as a simple tool to organize their work and duties;

– Account Managers insists to have meetings over MS Teams, while before they did not mind using other platforms.

– Implementation team refers to Jira as a point of truth for the Compliance team, responsible for documenting all changes and maintaining needed records.

The most important change was the reduction of hours spent for bug fixing by 10% for new implementation topics.




With the Client, the Lucid Agreements team is analysing the impact and newly created opportunities. However growing number of meetings with isLucid enabled shows, that modern technology does not require changing processes and habits to benefit from it. 


Let’s have a chat about how we can help you succeed!


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