Oct 18, 2022

Different Time Zones: How To Organize Teamwork And Meetings

by Gabby

Work in Different Time Zones 

Working in an international team with employees from different time zones is already a regular business practice. The opportunities and never-ending possibilities of remote work have made it possible. Many people choose to start working in an international company remotely because it may offer a lot more benefits than a locally found job. This is how companies end up having employees from Japan to London, New York, or even Los Angeles. It then becomes a challenge to be able to function productively while having everyone work at different times.  

Companies have to create a structure for how they will communicate. Firstly, it’s crucial to understand how time zones work and to figure out the time zones of all the employees. Most of the time employees will communicate asynchronously and everyone can still remain productive like that. With distributed work, learning to be good in async communication can be a factor for success. If you want to organize team meetings, then you need to be careful while scheduling. You should know the remote working hours of each employee and pick the optimal time when everyone can meet. When you are ready to have the meeting, it is important to track work progress and the times when everybody joined the meeting. When each employee knows when he or she has a meeting happening, it will be easier to plan the working day. 

What Are Unix Timestamps? 

Unix time is a system of tracking the total as a running sum of seconds. People started to count it in 1970 when the Unix Epocha started. Unix timestamp is the number of seconds between the start of Epocha and the current moment. This piece of coded numbers shows what is the current time for the person in his or her current place. You can convert the Unix timestamp with a special tool. 

Unix Timestamps In isLucid 

Whenever you have a meeting in isLucid, during the process you can see the current time of transcription in coded numbers. When you download the transcript or check the meeting history, you can see your time zone’s time. You can also convert the code to your actual time and it serves many benefits. The code will show you the exact time of your meeting depending on your location. This is really important in companies with many international employees working in different time zones. A special time code for each person allows to better manage and save time in regards to online meetings. Employees from different time zones can easier follow deadlines and be on track with all tasks. It is already a challenge to have effective collaboration in teamwork and meetings with international people. With coded timestamps, each meeting participant will see the time of their actual location. This is why having a unique Unix timestamp that can be encoded in each meeting will help track time for each employee and manage work.  

isLucid Summary 

isLucid, an AI-based digital meeting assistant, manages every part of your online meeting. It transcribes your meetings in real time with multilanguage support. You can create tasks or highlight important details through voice commands. Every task integrates with multiple project management and CRM software. isLucid allows you to create meeting minutes and have a generate meeting minute file after the meeting. You can edit it, add tasks and share it with other employees. 

If you are interested in isLucid digital meeting assistant, get it for MS Teams and try for free: isLucid Download Page 

You can also book a demo and get a walkthrough: Book a Demo 

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