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Jan 25, 2023

Effective meeting strategies to get the most value from it

by Vytenis

What is an effective meeting?


An effective meeting is one that is well-organized, has a clear agenda, and is focused on achieving specific goals. It should involve active participation from all attendees, and be led by a skilled facilitator who can keep the discussion on track and ensure that everyone’s voices are heard. Additionally, an effective meeting should be well-timed, with a start and end time that is respectful of everyone’s time and schedules. Technology such as video conferencing and online collaboration tools can also be used to increase participation and engagement. Overall, an effective meeting is one that enables all attendees to come away with a shared understanding of what was discussed and what the next steps are.


4P’s of running an effective meeting


The “4 P’s” of running an effective meeting are: Preparation, Purpose, Participation, and Follow-up.

Preparation: This includes setting a clear agenda, identifying the attendees and their roles, and ensuring that all necessary materials and equipment are ready.

Purpose: The meeting should have a specific goal or objective that is communicated to all attendees beforehand. The agenda should be aligned with the purpose of the meeting, and the facilitator should ensure that the meeting stays on track and that the objective is achieved.

Participation: Active participation from all attendees is key to an effective meeting. The facilitator should encourage participation and ensure that all attendees have the opportunity to contribute.

Follow-up: After the meeting, it’s important to send a summary of the key points discussed, any decisions made, and any action items or tasks assigned. This will help ensure that everyone is on the same page and that the meeting’s goals and objectives are met.

By following these 4 P’s, meeting organizers can set the stage to make meetings more efficient, effective, and productive. There are some strategies to run effective and successful meetings.

Effective meeting strategies


Do you really need this meeting?

The need for an online meeting depends on the specific context and the goals of the meeting. If the purpose of the meeting is to share information, provide updates, or make decisions, running a meeting may be an efficient and effective way to do so, especially if participants are in different locations or unable to meet in person. However, if the purpose of the meeting is to build relationships or establish trust among team members, an in-person meeting may be more beneficial. It is important to consider the goals of the meeting, the availability and preferences of the participants, and the type of communication and collaboration that is needed before deciding whether an online meeting is necessary.

Create a meeting agenda

Creating an agenda item for an online meeting is an important step in ensuring that the meeting is effective and efficient. A good agenda should include the following elements of the action plan: the purpose of the meeting, the objectives that need to be achieved, a list of topics to be covered, and the names of the presenters or facilitators. It is also important to include the expected duration of the meeting and the schedule of breaks so that productivity would be on top. Additionally, when creating an online meeting agenda, it’s important to consider the use of online collaboration tools and technology, such as screen sharing and breakout rooms, that can be used to facilitate engagement and participation among meeting participants. To make the most of the online meeting, it is also important to circulate the agenda to all participants in advance, so that they can prepare accordingly.

Record meeting

Recording an online meeting can be a useful tool for a variety of purposes, such as creating a record of the meeting for future reference, making the meeting content available to those who were unable to attend, or providing training materials for new team members. There are several ways to record an online meeting, depending on the platform being used. Many popular video conferencing platforms, such as Zoom, Teams, or Webex, have built-in recording functions that allow you to easily record video, audio, and any shared screens or documents. Additionally, third-party screen recording software can also be used to capture the meeting. It’s important to get the consent of all the attendees before recording the meeting and also to ensure that the recording is stored securely and in compliance with any relevant data protection regulations.

Send meeting details after

Sending meeting information to attendees after the end of the meeting is an important step in ensuring that the meeting’s goals and objectives are met. This information should include a summary of the key points discussed during the meeting, any decisions that were made, and any action items or tasks that were assigned. It should also include any relevant documents or materials that were shared during the meeting, such as agendas, presentations, or notes. Additionally, it’s important to include any follow-up steps or next steps for attendees. Sending this information in a timely manner, within 24 hours after the meeting, is important to ensure that attendees have the information they need to continue working on the topics discussed during the business meeting. It’s also helpful to use a consistent format, such as email or a shared document, to send meeting information so that attendees can easily find the information they need.


Run a successful online meeting with isLucid


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