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Jan 16, 2023

Google Meets extensions for a better meeting experience in 2023

by Vytenis

What is Google Meet used for?


Google Meet is a platform for video conferences. Google Meet is now available to everyone for free, when previously it was only accessible to enterprise customers. Google Meet is accessible via the web, Android and iOS mobile devices, and tablets. The main purpose of Google Meet is to facilitate video meetings. However, you can turn on the camera and microphone separately, allowing you to use the device solely for audio calls if you like.


Anyone with a Google Account has the ability to have a video meeting for up to 60 minutes, invite up to 100 people, and do so without incurring any fees. See plans and pricing for organizations for more information on extra services including international dial-in numbers, meeting recording, live streaming, and administrative controls.

Google Meet features


Join your meetings from Gmail

Participants are now able to join secure video meetings directly in Gmail without needing to open another app on their phones.


Determine which themes require more discussion or determine whether the attendees are aware of the meeting’s agenda. Use this brand-new Google Meet tool to enhance the interaction and engagement of your sales presentations. In Meet, polls make sure that both audience members and speakers may get the input they require. As a result, meetings become more interesting, worthwhile, and fun. The meeting host will receive a report with the findings when your vote closes, making it simple for them to review and take appropriate action. This recipient will automatically get an email with a Google Sheets export of the survey results.


Whiteboarding integrations

You can now create or open an existing jam while on a Meet video call. This means you can host collaborative brainstorming sessions with your colleagues or partner in real time. During a Meet call, only people who joined the session using a computer will be able to start or open a Jamboard. You will receive a link to the file and be taken to the Jamboard app if you join the call on your mobile device. This is already available to all Google Workspace, formerly G Suite , customers, and users with personal Google accounts.


Unlimited call duration

People who already have a Google Account can take advantage of the same advantages as corporate users. Google intends to make it easier for those who rely on Meet to communicate in the upcoming months. Google Meet calls are remain available to Gmail users in the free version until March 31, 2021.


Google Meets extensions


Google Meet Grid View

The video display for the currently active users is constrained by Meet. However, the Google Meet Grid View addon adds a button to the top right bar to enable multiple video grids.

Every participant, including the host, receives an identically sized rectangular display from the perspective. It is advised to observe proper meeting etiquette when using Google Meet or any other web conferencing software to conduct meetings. When grid view is enabled, this plugin compulsorily loads every participant’s video. This extension for Google Meet offers a number of choices to improve your meetings, such as highlighting the speaker who is speaking right now and concealing attendees who aren’t on camera.

Meet attendance

You can host up to 100 participants on Google Meet in a single call (for free users). When you want to know who is on the call, that is a sizable number.

Additionally, calling out the names of participants and then double-checking who was there during the session is difficult. By recording attendance during a call, the Meet Attendance add-on for Google Meet addresses this issue. The Chrome extension will automatically identify who joined the call and how long they lasted if you enter a list of expected invitees when starting a Meet call. It keeps track of the participants’ names, arrival times, active statuses, and lengths of stay and exports the information into a spreadsheet.

Google Meet call timer

Do your meetings frequently go beyond time? Or do you have trouble remembering how long a meeting has lasted? The Google Meet Call Timer is a timer for your Google Meets, just as the name suggests.

When a meeting is underway, the timer appears in the top right corner of the screen, where you can set the start and end times. You will also be shown the length of the session once the video conferencing has ended.

Google Meet enhancement suite

A one-stop shop for using Google Meet effectively is the Google Meet Enhancement Suite. Numerous features and settings are included in the add-on, raising its capability to Zoom’s level. Before joining a meeting, you can do things like automatically muffle the microphone, turn off the video, or turn on the captions. Additionally, you may rapidly start and end meetings, mirror movies, eliminate everyone present, switch to dark mode, and activate DND mode.

Google Meet breakout rooms

Breakout rooms are used by hosts to divide the main meeting group into numerous subgroups. When discussing a current project, it is beneficial if various teams are on the same call. However, unlike Zoom, Google Meet’s native features don’t offer the option of a breakout room. With the aid of the Google Meet Breakout Rooms extension, you can still use the feature. It is your simple solution to increasing meeting productivity. With this Google Meet extension, you easily navigate between meeting rooms and view them in tiled or tab format. You have the option to add people to particular rooms, end or close rooms, or eject everyone from a room.


isLucid for a better meeting experience


isLucid gives its users an opportunity to manage their online meetings in the easiest way possible. Meeting information management software provides real-time transcription, and enables users to create tasks and meeting minutes within a single click. Information is being transferred to preferred project management software, CRM or ATS.

Meeting transcript files can be uploaded from different online meeting platforms (Microsoft Teams, Google Meets, Zoom). People are being informed about the tasks or shared meeting minutes.

isLucid meeting information management platform brings its users an opportunity to have all of their generated meeting transcript files securely stored in one place.

If you are interested in isLucid digital meeting assistant, you can try it for free: isLucid Download Page

You can also book a demo and get a walkthrough: Book a Demo

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