guide to cold calling

Jan 17, 2023

Guide to cold calling: best strategies, scripts, and tips

by Vytenis

What is cold calling?


Cold calling is a sales technique in which potential customers are contacted directly by phone. The purpose of cold calling is to introduce potential customers to a product or service and generate leads for sales. Cold calls are often made to contacts who have not previously expressed an interest in what the company offers but may be interested in learning more. Cold calls are typically used when companies don’t have other marketing resources, such as email campaigns or print advertising. Choosing the best cold-calling technique can be effective in generating new business, but they also require a great deal of effort and may not always produce results. The success of cold calling depends on the callers’ quality and ability to build relationships with customers quickly and effectively. Cold calling techniques proposed in this article will help you accomplish all of these things.


Cold calling scripts


Cold call scripts are an essential tool for any salesperson. They provide a structure to follow when reaching out to potential customers, allowing you to quickly and effectively communicate the benefits of your product or service. The best cold call scripts include an introduction that grabs the attention of the customer, a clear explanation of the product or service being offered, and a call to action. It’s also important to make sure that the sales script is tailored to the individual customer so that it resonates with them and makes them feel valued. Cold call scripts can help you maximize your outreach efforts while also providing a personalized experience for each customer. Chorus has prepared a cold call script template that will help the sales team to make the sales process easier.

Cold calling tips


Do research. A pre-call ritual should involve researching your potential client. Research should always be the first step in any outreach plan. You may give calls with value and hold their attention by gathering important information about them. Without doing your homework, you come across as self-centered by having little interest in the person on the other end of the line. The extra effort invested in personalization will be appreciated by your prospects, who will be more receptive to your messages.


Prepare an agenda. When it comes to cold calling, it is important to have an agenda that can make the best use of your time. This agenda should include researching the company and its services or products beforehand, having a clear understanding of what you want to accomplish during the call, preparing a list of questions for the prospective client, and formulating potential solutions that could benefit them. Additionally, be sure to have a script prepared in order to present yourself professionally and make sure that you are speaking clearly and confidently. Finally, be sure to take detailed notes throughout the conversation to refer back later if necessary. Following this agenda when making a cold call ensures refer back later if necessary that each interaction with clients is effective and productive.


Prepare for call reluctance. Nobody said that everything happens successfully from the first time. Before making a sales cold call salesperson should be ready for reluctance from the potential clients. According to studies, call reluctance accounts for 80% of rookie salespeople’s failures. Before a cold call, nervousness is entirely normal, but with the correct preparation, you can overcome that. One of the most important things while making cold calls is showing your client the value your product gives. To do that sales managers must prepare to have a successful cold call so that clients will not be able to say no to your offer.


Call at a suitable time. Checking the timing of your call is one of the most crucial cold-calling strategies. You must watch out not to interrupt the prospect at the incorrect time. Best practices show that, for instance, it is not a good idea to call a prospect in the second half of Friday. Everyone is currently waiting for work to conclude so they can start thinking about the weekend. They would not like to take part in any cold calls for sales. On a similar point, calling individuals on Monday am is a bad idea. People are struggling to get to work at the start of the week and are depressed that the weekend is past. Use cold calling as a way to bring value to your potential clients and by choosing a suitable time it can be reached.


Schedule the next step. Establishing a schedule for the call’s subsequent phases is one of the most crucial cold-calling strategies. Every effective cold call spends more time talking about what would be the next step. In some, the topic of moving to the following stage of the sales cycle accounts for more than half of the talk.

Long-winded sales representatives run out of time and are unable to discuss what should happen next. Not keeping the prospect on the line is another excuse for not discussing the next steps. The answer to this is to make your sales pitch succinct, which will allow you to grab the prospect’s attention and schedule the following steps without rushing through it.



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