Jul 29, 2022

Is it practical for businesses to use online meetings?  

by Gabby

The workplace is rapidly changing, and more businesses are growing abroad. As a result, modern firms constantly seek methods to boost team communication and efficiency. All aspects of a company, from marketing and sales to human resources and senior leadership, may benefit from a virtual meeting solution to develop and maintain a competitive edge.  

Virtual meetings have the obvious benefits of keeping your workers engaged, motivating them, and ultimately enhancing productivity. However, a virtual meeting solution can improve communications and save expenses and time.  

This post will analyze how practical and advantageous online meetings bring to a business.  

Optimized operations  

Yes, you can be in two locations at the same time. It’s all because of video conferencing. The consequences for productivity are enormous. While decreased travel needs allow essential personnel to make the most of their time, video conferences with clients and partners worldwide increase efficiency. 

Video conversations significantly eliminate the misconceptions that might occur with email and phone calls. Facial expressions and body language convey a more comprehensive message using the latest all-in-one video conferencing solutions. Participants in venture capital are also more willing to speak out and clarify facts. They will also be more attentive and concentrated when seen by coworkers.  

Overall, video conferencing helps you make the most of your human resources. Projects may be finished more quickly, and participants feel better aligned with and meeting objectives.  

Greater Efficiency  

Visual signals provide a degree of efficiency that auditory calls cannot match. As a result, participants get much more done through video conferencing, such as display mockups and product demos, which may help wow potential consumers. Supporters acknowledge that it is more efficient than face-to-face meetings. When everyone is in the same room, side remarks and digressions may swiftly derail discussions. A virtual conference format leaves less space for casual conversation.  

Tight time limits and remote call-ins can help to foster a more focused discussion with fewer side talk while using video conferencing. There is less distraction when there is more interaction. Furthermore, when coworkers may see participants, their attentiveness and participation improve. Unseen phone calls might persuade participants to check their cellphones, continue working on their laptops, or surf the internet. At the same time, high-quality conference speakers allow everyone to hear and be heard well, which boosts satisfaction and engagement levels when combined with superb video.  

Increased employee satisfaction  

Employees that are happy and healthy are more productive. Both can benefit from video conferencing. Frequent travel takes a physical and emotional toll, which can significantly impact work-life balance. Replacing video calls improves health and job happiness. As a result, performance and productivity improvements while job turnover decreases.  

Telecommuting is becoming more popular, and studies suggest that working from home improves employee happiness. According to a recent Owl Labs survey, 77 percent of respondents would be happy if they could work from home full time.   

Employees that use video conferencing instead of traveling are healthier, happier, and more productive. Flexibility in the workplace also results in significant cost savings. Global Workplace Analytics projected an $11,000 yearly savings per person when workers could be able to work from home 50% of the time.   

Improved communication  

Body language, eye contact, and tone of voice are all aspects of human communication. Sometimes the spoken word alone leaves too much room for interpretation. Phone calls reveal tone but not body language, gestures, or facial expressions, which are essential for comprehension. But don’t underestimate the importance of sound quality. Not being able to hear someone clearly might cause dissatisfaction since more concentration and energy is focused on finding out what someone is attempting to say rather than on the meeting’s aim.  

Personal understanding and connection are essential for developing good professional relationships through video conferencing.  

Finally, it is what leads to productive teamwork. Workplace fellowship, according to the Harvard Business Review, “promotes a group loyalty that results in a shared commitment to and discipline toward the task” while promoting a teamwork-oriented attitude. Employee connections, trust, and ties are strengthened through video conferencing. Executives may have real-time meetings with worldwide operations. Hybrid employees are more included. Project managers observe and engage with people they may never meet in person. Suppliers make informative and aesthetically appealing pitches. The opportunities for developing more effective and long-lasting commercial connections are nearly limitless. 

An advantage in the Market 

Each of the advantages stated above improves a company’s competitiveness. Teams who connect via video calls share information more quickly and efficiently. This shortens the time to market. Support departments establish personal client ties. Video conferencing allow manufacturers to save time while improving quality. They may verify quality, offer modifications, and assure correctness throughout the product’s lifetime. 

More benefits of online meetings 

Working remotely and having online meetings has its opportunities, especially considering the wide variety of online tools available. After having online meetings for a while, it is noticeable that something can be further improved. What is different from having face-to-face meetings is that with a few clicks, a business working hybrid can easily contribute to further improved efficiency. 

For example, AI meeting assistants have gained popularity among businesses working hybrid or entirely online. 

isLucid is an AI meeting assistant that integrates with Microsoft Teams natively. It uses powerful and precise speech recognition to transcribe and organize your online meetings in real-time. Instead of spending time taking notes, writing follow-up emails, and clarifying duties, prioritize communication. 

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