Mar 11, 2022

Online meetings are taking too much time? Here is what to do

by Gabby


How to save time while maintaining or even increasing the quality of online meetings?

Recently online meetings have become the norm. And these constant meetings end up taking up a lot of time and resources. On top of the actual meeting time, you also need to dedicate time for pre-meeting activities and post-meeting activities. It shouldn’t be this time-consuming or energy-draining, it should be enjoyable. There are several ways to make your meetings shorter while maintaining or even increasing their quality. Here are some of those methods.

Shorter meetings & Efficiency

Discussing what has happened during the meeting and was agreed upon is a waste of time. You can easily replace this part of the meeting by having meeting minutes & generated tasks. Meeting minutes are notes that remind you of what was discussed and agreed upon. They are accessible, simple yet informative. Generated tasks help your employees see what they have to do and ensure that no one forgets or skips their responsibilities and hinders the workflow of their peers. Bookmarking important pieces of information during a meeting for others to see is also important for a coherent relationship between employees. If you use meeting minutes, tasks and bookmarks you ensure that everyone is on the same page, even those who didn’t attend the meeting. This also saves time for the post-meeting activities. No need to waste time and contact every employee and inform them about the contents of the meeting and their duties. By using generated meeting minutes and notes you also save time and reduce the time wasted on note-taking during the meeting itself. isLucid helps you create meeting minutes, tasks, and bookmarks in no time at all. It also ensures they are accesible&tracaeble to everyone in the meeting or with who it was shared.

Attention & Quality

Shorter online meetings also help the attendees to have longer attention spans. Imagine if you would not need to take notes, ask for clarifications, and have lengthy meetings. Sounds nice, does it not? All of this could be done with isLucid. You can generate actionable items and forward them to your favorite management software. Doing this ensures traceability and a coherent relationship. With isLucid you can focus on the shorter meeting of higher quality. Instead of wasting time on taking notes, writing wrap-up emails, clarifying and informing others, spend time discussing and delving deep into the problems with others. More focused participants help you solve problems easier and more efficiently. Shorter and more active meetings guarantee that everyone is happier with the meeting quality and is not reluctant to attend in the future.

Ad hoc meetings

Ad hoc meetings are one-off unplanned meetings. These meetings often lack structure and end up wasting a lot of time that could be saved otherwise. If you would use isLucid you could solve this problem. Even if a meeting is unplanned, having tasks, bookmarks, and meeting minutes alike ensures that everyone can see the main information and what was the result of the meeting. Use this information to inform those who couldn’t attend the impromptu meeting. isLucid works well with ad hoc meetings as it gives it a crucial structure to unplanned meetings. This structure helps the meeting not to go to waste. Maintaining and using the information is very important for an efficient workspace and could be ensured by using isLucid.

Staff meetings

Staff group meetings could also happen less often or be much shorter. If you would use isLucid you could already see the relevant information and wouldn’t need to waste multiple employees’ time for catch-up meetings. No need for clarifications or task delegation. Use isLucid and see what has to be done. Save a lot of time and resources and put it into completing your projects faster.

Ending note

A well-organized online meeting doesn’t require multiple organizers or a lot of time. In a modern world, there are modern ways to automate and make it easier. isLucid helps you do just that. Go from wasting countless hours spent on making long and dull meetings to shorter and more active ones. Stop doing unnecessary work and leave it for your personal online meeting AI assistant isLucid.

What is isLucid?

isLucid is an AI meeting software that works natively with Microsoft Teams. It utilizes advanced and precise voice recognition to transcribe your online meetings in real-time and make them more efficient. Instead of spending time writing down notes, creating wrap-up emails, and clarifying tasks, focus on what matters most – communicating. Create tasks, bookmarks, and meeting minutes with isLucid in more than 20+ languages and their respective dialects. Transfer your tasks to preferred management software such as Atlassian Jira, Azure DevOps, MS Planner, Zapier, etc . isLucid helps your team think clearly and stay lucid.


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