Nov 10, 2022

Don’t miss out! 7 benefits of transcribing and managing your conference calls

by Gabby

Top 7 benefits of transcribing your conference calls 


Even though business communication tools such as instant messaging and video conferencing software have become the norm in the workplace. Weekly conference calls continue to be the backbone of business communication.  

Reports say that the pandemic has caused a 10% rise in weekly meetings.  

According to recent studies, the average employee participates in at least five conference calls per week.   

In 2022, conference calls are a business necessity. But an even greater necessity is software for the transcription of conference calls. It could improve a better customer experience. 


So why should you use a high-quality transcription tool in the conference call?  


According to a meeting survey, 91% of average meeting attendees admitted to daydreaming, 73% to doing other work, and 39% to sleeping during business meetings. 

Keeping track of what transpired on each conference call is difficult. Because there are so many meetings involving geographically diverse team members, multiple internal departments, and different time zones.  

Using Artificial Intelligence, conference call transcription software will automatically transcribe your meetings in real time, giving you a written transcript to refer to and share. In addition, it is no longer necessary to outsource human transcribers.  

The recordings and transcripts enable you to concentrate more on what is being said and reduce the number of follow-up meetings. This could add more efficient productivity and accessibility to many businesses. 


The Benefits of Conference Call Transcription 


Get critical information quickly  

Given that 45% of team members report feeling overwhelmed by their weekly meeting volume at work, it is preferable to hold fewer and more productive meetings.  

When you can get more out of your in-person and online meetings and easily refer back to what was discussed, you can reduce the number of meetings you need to hold.  

Having a transcription of your calls makes it simple to return to a specific portion of the conversation.  

Not only does the call transcription service save time, but it also ensures that essential details, particularly action items and tasks requiring a follow-up, are not overlooked.  

Better engagement  

Meetings are full of brainstorming. It’s disheartening as a presenter when the audience pays little to no attention to you because they’re too busy scribbling notes in their journals or laptops. It’s very time-consuming as well. 

Informing your audience that a transcript will be available after the conference will allow them to listen actively without worrying about their difficult-to-read notes after the event.  

If the participants know that you will get the call transcribed and share the transcript with them, it leads to better engagement. 

Transcribing your conference also allows you to share its content with anyone who was unable to attend the event. No-shows can get the same conference transcription of the meeting as the attendees. This boost your online presence. 

More protection and transparency   

Approximately two-thirds of modern consumers rank brand transparency highly when considering who to do business with.  

Depending on the industry in which you operate, your company may be required by law to record and provide business transcriptions of all calls. This is particularly prevalent in the financial and legal sectors, as well as on some reporting and journalism websites.   

To avoid a potential lawsuit, fines, or endless back-and-forth with customers, simply provide the customer with the transcript. 

You can easily email call transcripts to stakeholders, board members, customers, and coworkers when you have a copy on hand. In addition to enhancing your company’s standing, this also makes customers feel like they have a say in the inner workings of your business.  

You can avoid misunderstandings or resolve them more quickly thanks to the openness of the situation.  

Save time and improve efficiency  

Meetings can be faster when no one is required to write down notes.   

Additionally, with isLucid, people can instantly capture tasks and meeting minutes from transcription, saving 25% of the time for a recap, managing tasks after the meeting, sending follow-up emails, and so on.   

Because isLucid automates the process, you no longer need to do this or can do it much faster. Also, some people may choose not to attend the meeting because they will be able to read the transcription or shared meeting minutes file, which will take much less time than attending the meeting.  

Improved accessibility 

Transcription improves accessibility for deaf and hard-of-hearing team members. Audio and video files are much larger than text documents. You can quickly upload them and send them to participants via email. Before distributing the call transcripts, you can highlight key points and add comments. 

Digital transcripts are also more adaptable to cloud-based solutions. Sales call transcripts, for example, can be uploaded to CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems or sales automation apps used by your sales teams. 

Get rid of possible misunderstandings  

In a conference call, having too many listeners with their unfinished notes is the same as having too many cooks. The stock is destined to spoil.  

Taking notes during meetings has been shown to improve retention, according to the Association for Psychological Science. As might be expected, a majority of attendees (51%) still rely on their own understanding of notes.  

However, there is a disadvantage. Taking notes by hand increases the chances of making mistakes and distorting the truth. Doing so is risky and unprofessional, especially when interacting with customers and other outsiders.  

Live transcription consolidates all relevant data into a single location, reducing the likelihood of any misunderstandings occurring. For objectivity’s sake, transcripts make everyone a single source of information, so miscommunication is less likely to happen. 

Deeper Understanding of Your Customers  

Transcripts are not only useful for providing information about employees to management, but also about customers.  

You can get a lot of useful information from customer service calls, which makes them a real treasure trove. 

You can learn more about customer needs, wants, and expectations for your brand by reading over meeting transcripts with clients or even just your market research team.  

Trend forecasting, customer demographics, and ways to enhance sales pitches and staff training are all areas in which these transcripts can prove useful.  


Are you prepared to outsource call transcription services? 


The usefulness of a transcript of a business conference call is difficult to overstate. This increases efficiency and makes it simpler to find relevant information by keeping track of previous discussion keywords.  

Conference call transcriptions equal additional expenses. However, the benefits you will receive from such a small investment will undoubtedly outweigh the additional cost.  

Listening to call recordings will provide you with information about the strengths and weaknesses of your products/services as well as customer needs. Understanding your target audience’s needs allows you to tailor your products or services to meet them and increase customer satisfaction. 


It’s worth noticing ai transcription and boost productivity, isLucid.  


isLucid, an AI-based digital meeting assistant, manages every part of your online meeting. It can improve customer service.  

isLucid transcribes your meetings in real-time with multilanguage support. You can create tasks or highlight important details through voice commands. Every task integrates with multiple project management and CRM software. isLucid allows you to create meeting minutes and have a generate meeting minute file after the meeting. You can edit it, add tasks and share it with other employees.  

If you are interested in isLucid digital meeting assistant, get it for MS Teams and try for free: isLucid Download Page.    

You can also book a demo and get a walkthrough: Book a Demo. 

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