Jan 25, 2023

Virtual employee onboarding: how to prepare and best practices

by Vytenis

What is virtual onboarding?


Virtual onboarding uses technology to facilitate the integration of new employees into a remote team. Companies use virtual or remote onboarding programs to help the remote employee feel at home in a new team and become more productive faster. As it establishes the tone for the remainder of their working relationship, it’s an important period for both the employer and the employee. Whether your business is remote-first or not, in-person onboarding is a great method to establish a warm welcome and make employees feel valued. However, it is only one part of the issue.

How to prepare for virtual employee onboarding?


Virtual employee onboarding is a great way to get your new hires up and running quickly. To prepare for virtual employee onboarding, first, establish clear expectations for how the process will work. Make sure that all of the necessary documents and materials are accessible online. Provide detailed instructions on how to access resources like company policies, software, and any other items needed for the job. Additionally, be sure to have an open line of communication between you and your new hire throughout the onboarding process. Establish consistent methods of communication such as email or weekly video conference calls so that both parties can stay up to date with progress. Finally, set up virtual team-building activities as well as individual check-ins throughout the onboarding period in order to help build relationships and foster a sense of camaraderie within the team. Onboarding best practices includes all of these steps above that integrates new remote employee to company culture easily.

Best practices of virtual employee onboarding


Keep in touch with new hire

Many students and recent graduates are unfamiliar with remote work, so be sure to check in frequently to ensure everything goes as planned during the onboarding process. Send a message with information on how to access their laptop and company email to the new employee’s personal email a few days before their start date. If necessary, you can also offer instructions on how to access your VPN or private network.


Create an onboarding agenda

Include an agenda in your welcome packet along with the swag, outlining the course of your new hire’s onboarding and first two weeks. They get a sneak peek at what’s coming up, which calms their initial anxiety (without overwhelming them). Additionally, it’s a great method to get them used to working remotely and collaborating with your team. In addition to including this agenda in your welcome packet, you should also communicate this information with your new hire by adding it to a Google Doc or organized board in your preferred project management (PM) application. Instead of feeling under pressure to master these tools on the first day, this allows students the chance to get accustomed to utilizing them.


Congratulate on small wins

Most new employees are enthusiastic about their new positions and work hard to go above and beyond what is anticipated when they first join an organization. This situation also includes individuals feeling nervous and unsure of their abilities when they meet their mentors and colleagues. You can give them simple chores to complete and establish attainable first-step objectives to assist them to get over this feeling. For instance, they are salespeople. In that situation, rather than selecting a goal that is ultimately annoying and impossible, you might jointly resolve that the goal for the first week is to schedule one meeting with a prospect.


Automate the onboarding process

Multiple rounds of documentation, training, group discussions, a one-on-one meeting with the new hire, orientation sessions, and administrative chores could be included in a virtual onboarding process.

The HR staff also needs a systematic approach to get through this process, just like the new hire does.

Automating the onboarding process with the aid of software and tools is a smart move in the interest of time and energy. It has a significant impact on HR managers of expanding companies who constantly juggle other obligations in addition to onboarding.


Assign a mentor

A new hire’s seamless integration into the team depends on the recruiting manager more than orientation and computers. While recruiting managers’ duties remain the same, the work environment of today has altered how they perform their duties. advice. While managers should remain involved in the onboarding process, it might be useful to designate a mentor or “buddy” to assist new hires in becoming accustomed to their new position. A mentor can offer direction and advise in circumstances like figuring out the various communication styles of the people they will be working with on a daily basis.


Use collaboration software

A solid virtual onboarding procedure integrates the workflow as completely as feasible. Utilizing Slack, Asana, Monday, and Microsoft Teams, among other applications, is necessary. The majority of the team’s time is spent here merging into groups and developing close personal relationships with each other.

isLucid for virtual onboarding

isLucid is a meeting management software that can help a recruiter to create the best onboarding experience with a new team member. With isLucid, you can create meeting agendas that include topics to discuss to help remote workers accomplish different tasks during virtual onboarding programs. Make onboarding effective by creating transcripts from all of the online meetings with new employees. The transcription feature allows its users to get back to important meeting details especially for the new employee to look through what has been discussed. isLucid generated transcripts with all the tasks and bookmarks can be downloaded in different file types and uploaded to companies CRM system.

Meeting transcript files can be uploaded from different online meeting platforms (Microsoft Teams, Google Meets, Zoom). People are informed about the tasks or shared meeting minutes.

isLucid meeting information management platform brings its users an opportunity to have all of their generated meeting transcript files securely stored in one place.

If you are interested in isLucid digital meeting assistant, you can try it for free: isLucid Download Page

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