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Jan 05, 2023

Ways to improve your account management and customers retention for 2023

by Vytenis

What is customer retention?


Customer retention is the process of keeping existing customers engaged and satisfied with a product or service over time. It involves understanding customer needs, providing value-added services, and creating positive customer experiences to help foster loyalty and repeat business. In today’s increasingly competitive market, it is essential for businesses to focus on retaining customers in order to remain profitable and successful. Such efforts can include providing excellent customer service, offering discounts or rewards programs, building relationships with customers through regular communication, and utilizing customer feedback to improve products or services. Ultimately, companies that prioritize customer retention will be better equipped to gain a larger share of the market and increase their bottom line.


Customer retention strategies


Customer retention strategies involve providing customers with incentives, rewards, and personalized experiences. Incentives can involve discounts or free products and services. Rewards might include loyalty points or special offers. Personalized experiences can include targeted promotions, tailored content, and exclusive access to product launches and events.

Additionally, customer retention strategies often emphasize excellent customer service by offering helpful advice, responding quickly to questions, and providing support during difficult times. Companies also strive to build relationships with customers through effective communication channels like email newsletters and social media campaigns.

Finally, businesses may use data analytics to identify trends in customer behavior so they can better understand their customers’ needs and preferences. By employing these strategies, companies are better able to retain their current customers while also attracting new ones.

Tips to improve account management and customer retention


Know your customers

Before beginning the customer retention process, it is necessary to research your audience. It is not a new thing that there are non-customers in the entire world that have the same needs. The product or service should be orientated to that. To know the exact need of each new customer could be reached by creating meeting agenda. It will help to follow questions and get the information about your customer easier. Transcription software also does a part for account managers to build their customer base. These kinds of services allow having meeting transcripts for an unlimited amount of time. That means that information about the customer got during the first meeting is nowhere to be gone.

Create a strong first impression

The first impression is key not only in everyday life but also in business. Creating an excellent customer experience from the first steps of the customer journey can increase the chance to get loyalty over a longer period of time.

Communicate with your customers

The most basic way – is newsletters and targeted social media. It is a need for every company that keeps an eye on its customers and is seeking to improve customer retention rate. You may send updates or offers to all your clients at once by email automation. Newsletters are a way to remind existing customers about the company’s offer. Also, usually, customers cannot spend a day without social media. Being around them, their relationship with customers is improved without making much.

Be convenient

Customer loyalty and retention rate will not be improved if the customer journey is complicated. Make the easiest way possible to use your products and services that even a little kid would be able to understand. But also there is an innovative issue. Customer lifetime value can increase if different customers will be able to use your product innovatively.

Improve your account management

The account manager’s worst nightmare is churn. It is a measurement of the percentage of accounts that have canceled or chosen not to renew their subscription. It means that existing customers will not make repeat purchases. The account manager’s work is to increase customer loyalty. Churn might happen for reasons like poor customer support, bad experience, or lack of interest in companies’ new products. There are tons of different strategies to improve account management. But the most important one – know everything about your customer and be there it needs you to be. Maintaining information about your customers can help various management platforms, including CRM or meeting management platforms.

isLucid as a way to improve customer retention


isLucid meeting information management platform is an easy way for account managers to capture customer success. Quality of discussions with clients is always a key to improving customer satisfaction. isLucid meeting assistant helps to keep track of conversations via transcription and helps identify all needed tasks. Information can be transferred to already using CRM system – the platform integrates with more than 3000 business apps.

By using isLucid meeting management platform account managers can benefit by:

  • Real-time voice-to-text transcription. Meeting notes are captured in real-time which will help you to manage and engage in conversation without interruption. After the meeting, there will be a generated meeting minutes with all of the highlighted notes and tasks from the conversation.
  • Pre-built agenda. Connect conversation parts to the questionnaire that was built before the meeting. The feature makes it easier to follow answers and get details about the client.
  • Easy-moving information between CRM. While being in a meeting, isLucid allows you to create tasks for yourself or the whole team that later will be found in the transcript. You can easily transfer it to your regular business app – MS Planner, Jira, or others.

Meeting management software for account managers helps to create better customer relationships and improve customer acquisition. It makes it easier to maintain effective customer retention and loyalty.

Make a right decision


Improve customer retention has never been an easier task for account managers. The only way to do it – choose the best management platform that can help to maintain important information about your clients. isLucid can help you with that.

isLucid works the best with Microsoft Teams and has a free version to try: Download isLucid.

Also you can book a demo version and have a walkthrough: Book a Demo.

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