September 21, 2020

Authenticate the isLucid application for Atlassian Jira

by Gabby

Atlassian Jira authentification

If you want to see created tasks within the call (or after it) in Atlassian Jira, you need first to provide the right credentials so isLucid could sync tasks created in the Microsoft Teams meeting.

Open isLucid

Join the call, open isLucid application and click Start meeting assistant.

Select Action Item

In the transcription, mark the part of the text where a task was mentioned. If you need a full sentence just click on the three dots on the right. Select Atlassian Jira to add a task and edit if needed.

Provide Credentials

Provide the credentials you use to access Atlassian Products and give consent for isLucid to access existing projects and create tasks. If you have multiple organisations you can limit isLucid to only a specific organisation.

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