Sep 23, 2022

Having lots of online meetings? Here’s how to stay effective

by Gabby

The Age of Remote Meetings 

The traditional meetings in the past few years have changed immensely. For a long time, it was usual to have face-to-face meetings when recruiting people or talking to potential clients, and team members. Everything changed when the whole world went remote in just a few days. Businesses had to adapt and this meant figuring out how to execute meetings in a remote work environment. For the past two years, the number of online meetings has been increasing and employees had to adapt to a new environment and new work conditions New technology, long hours looking at the screen, and trying to be on time with all tasks meant that there is a need to make these meetings effective. It is especially tiring for recruiters or salespeople for who a significant part of the job is talking to people. 66% of the hiring time recruiters spend doing interviews online while 77% of salespeople overall do all their work through online meetings. Everyone wants to figure out how to make meetings effective especially since companies will stay with performing online meetings. Remote meetings will stay but what do we do to make the best use of them? 

What is The Reality of Having Online Meetings? 

Not surprisingly, when to it comes to online meetings, it is not enough just to do virtual meetings. They are already tiring and can reduce the productivity of employees. Employees on average spend 31 hours on unproductive meetings in a month while 56% of workers just want to spend less time in meetings. The thing is that during online meetings, it is very important to listen well and mark all significant details. However, if you try to take notes yourself while listening, you become unproductive. You cannot focus on what the person is talking about and can forget to write down important details which can be crucial.

In addition to this, you still have to complete a full meeting summary afterward, manage all your tasks and transfer the information to a CRM (customer relationship management) and ATS (applicant tracking system). Recruiters following an interview have to create a candidate summary and connect it to the ATS while salespeople have to log information in the CRM and write a recap email to the client. All of the mentioned activities during online meetings tire you out. You have to listen, write, summarize and remember to not skip anything. This leads to unproductivity and inefficiency in the second part of the working day even though it should be the opposite. Online meetings should make your overall job easier and automate a big part of your tasks. 

Automated Transcription Software SolutionisLucid 

This is where real-time voice-to-text transcription steps in. The solution to productive online meetings is automated software transcription which can open up on any meeting and transcribe the text. It gives you the ability to manage your meeting information and track it. isLucid, an AI-controlled digital meeting assistant, does everything for your meetings. You can bookmark important details, and create tasks and meeting minutes. Everything that you do in the meeting is automatically generated into a meeting summary that you can later share with other people. isLucid makes it easy to do follow-ups and check meeting information because the records stay in the meeting history. You can anytime go to the history, access the transcription, and add additional tasks. During meetings when you create tasks they automatically are connected to the project management software of your choice 

Another useful feature of isLucid is choosing an agenda. At the start of the meeting, you can choose an agenda template that fits your meeting. There are various topics such as an interview with the candidate or a sales meeting. You can edit the present agendas and even create your own new ones. Having an agenda saves you time and energy because you have a meeting scenario where you see what questions you still did not ask. 

Choosing Real-Time Transcription 

With isLucid, you stop having unproductive and broken meetings. It boosts the performance of your online meetings and saves you 25% more time. You do not have to do notes yourself anymore, try to remember each detail of the meeting and put all the information manually into a CRM, ATS, or project management softwareEverything is done automatically by isLucid. Right after the meeting, you get a comprehensive meeting summary that you can instantly download and share with everyone you want. 

If you are interested in automated transcription and isLucid specifically, get the app on Microsoft Teams and try it for free:  

You can also book a demo and get a walkthrough:  

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