Jan 10, 2023

How to make your online meetings effective and engaging?

by Vytenis

The frequency of virtual meetings will increase as workplaces transition to hybrid work models and more employees work remotely. Meeting organizers may frequently offer virtual experiences that are more engaging, inclusive, and productive than in-person gatherings as technology and video meeting platforms progress. Make virtual meeting fun, engaging, and more effective with a few simple ideas.

What is a virtual meeting?


Using their mobile or internet-connected devices, users can use a virtual conference to connect virtually when they are in different physical locations. Virtual meetings are used by people for a variety of purposes, including communicating with loved ones, receiving teletherapy, and working with a dispersed workforce.


Virtual meetings are frequently held in the business sector when employees are dispersed, but occasionally employees in the same workplace will choose one so they won’t have to leave their workstations. In addition to growing in popularity for business meetings, remote meetings with friends and family are also routine. You may hold virtual meetings anywhere and with anyone.

Why people are not engaged during your virtual meeting?


Distraction. How many times did you notice that your thoughts were wandering during a virtual meeting? especially following a filling meal or the day’s fourth phone conversation. It can be difficult to stay focused for the entire meeting. Employees who work from home during the day are always surrounded by distractions.

Loss of goals. In virtual communication, keeping a meeting structured and coordinated can be quite difficult. When looking at a computer monitor, it might be difficult to keep everyone on the same page and focus on your objectives. The efficiency and success of any meeting are threatened by losing sight of ideas and priorities.

Issues with technology. Even the best technology and digital setup can occasionally fail because of connectivity problems, audio issues, sporadic glitches, or display problems. You simply cannot manage it. When virtual meetings develop into seances with inquiries like “We can’t see you,” it is simple to lose the attention of the participants. Are we audible to you? Desktop virtualization can help with these technological issues. You are permitted to put your company’s apps on the cloud and guarantee remote, secure access to them.


Tips to make your online meeting more effective and engaging


Make a meeting agenda

Create an engagement agenda for yourself in the same way that you would for a general meeting to serve as a reminder of your final communication objective. This meeting agenda is optional to share with the team, but it will serve as a reminder to stop acting as a “talking head” and start interacting with the group as a genuine person.


Asking for your team’s input before establishing ground rules is crucial because these rules are being put in place for their comfort. When your virtual team perceives them as something they created together rather than something that was imposed upon them, they are psychologically more likely to follow them. Another advantage of doing this is that you can encounter concepts that are superior to your own and come up with a more balanced collection of guidelines. Small talk about collaboration can increase productivity, and make a remote meeting interactive and engaging.

Make virtual meetings more interactive

It takes a lot more effort to follow along in a virtual conference since our eyes automatically move from speaker to participant as we try to scan the room. According to research, looking in the mirror and seeing your own face tends to make you feel more self-critical and can be more psychologically draining. It is always a good idea to make virtual meetings more engaging through visual slides or other capabilities.

By offering a natural focal point, visual aids help to reduce some of this pressure and distraction. They make it easier for people to follow along (65% of people learn best visually) and feel more at ease participating in a discussion about what is being communicated. They may make the dialogue far more collaborative and interesting through screen share ability while also assisting speakers and listeners in feeling more present in the conversation.

Use icebreakers

Icebreakers have various benefits, including helping you connect with the group, getting them involved right away, learning more about one another, and fostering a sense of teamwork. Depending on how much time you have, icebreakers can last anywhere from 30 seconds to 30 minutes. Icebreakers can be a particularly effective way to start a meeting in a virtual environment. It’s simple for every interaction in remote teams to consist entirely of labor. With the help of icebreakers, your team members can take a much-needed mental break where they can be themselves. This could be the key to keeping them interested for the duration of the conference. Icebreakers also can be a way to have a virtual team building in a fun and interactive way.

Collect feedback

Building empathy before the conversation can be accomplished by being aware of how your coworkers are doing. There are tons of ways to make your best out of the conversation. Prioritizing subjects can be aided by inquiring about the schedule, and constructive introspection can build rapport and trust before a meeting. Polls and surveys can help influence the conversation and jolt the group back to life during lulls in the meeting. For instance, you might use a simple yes/no question like “Has this meeting been a valuable use of time thus far?” to check the pulse. If a large number of attendees respond “no,” you might invite discussion to determine what isn’t working and recalibrate.

Create an effective virtual meeting with isLucid


isLucid, an AI-based digital meeting assistant, manages every part of your online meeting. It transcribes your meetings in real-time with multilanguage support. You can create tasks or highlight important details through voice commands. Every task integrates with multiple project management and CRM software. isLucid allows meeting participants to create meeting minutes and have a generate meeting minute file after the meeting. You can edit it, add tasks and share it with other employees.


Having an effective virtual meeting with isLucid is a great way to keep your team connected and productive. Using isLucid, you can centralize your meeting agenda, meeting minutes, and meeting action items. Share the agenda with your team without difficulty and assign agenda items in real-time to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. isLucid best works with Microsoft Teams, soon with Zoom and Google Meet.


If you are interested in isLucid digital meeting assistant, get it for MS Teams and try for free: isLucid Download Page

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