Oct 03, 2022

Transcription For Medical Device Manufacturers

by Gabby

Medical Technology Industry Today

The medical technology industry due to its work specifics needs precision and noted details. Each regular and online meeting has to be attended and recorded with full attention without missing anything. The innovations of the Medtech industry allow millions of people to live longer so it is crucial to make sure that their work is 100% efficient. This is true in any setting but has become a bigger challenge doing business online. Processes in medical device manufacturing companies are complicated and require attention and accuracy for regulation and research and development. Emerging transcription software has helped solve these problems and ease the challenges online work brings. 

Automated Transcription Software 

Automated transcription software using Natural Language Processing and AI is a method to convert audio into text. It gives exceptionally fast transcription in online communication. Typing everything used to be how everything is done but automated transcription software has fully replaced it. Companies can now get meeting transcriptions, create tasks and share them faster, with less effort and cheaper. The MedTech industry is not an exception. It faces challenges due to remote work and automated transcription in many ways can benefit the companies. 

Why Do Medical Device Manufacturers Need Transcription? 

Transcription in the medical industry has numerous benefits. Healthcare companies generate many notes every day in meetings and automated transcription helps to turn everything from audio into text and finished documents. Managers do not have to worry in the online environment that important details will be missed. Transcription accurately catches every word and allows the listener and participant to see it. Automated transcription software increases the productivity of MedTech workers online and saves time. Managers can focus on listening to important updates and developments without missing anything. Together with that, after the online meeting, they have a generated docx document with the whole transcription which can be edited anytime 

There are several challenges that medical device manufacturers face. In the online environment, companies are still trying to find the best way to have fluent communication. The shift to remote work has brought channel conflict and misunderstanding. Also, Medtech decision-making takes a longer time, they make significant decisions and in online meetings, important information can be lost. Executives can forget to include it in the meeting notes or just barely mention it. In addition, due to the evolution of growing linked devices, there are problems with information sharing itself. All of these challenges can slow down the development of the medical technology industry in the online environment. However, there are automated transcription software such as isLucid that offer multiple benefits and solutions for every problem. 

isLucid Solution For Medical Device Manufacturers 

isLucid is an AI-centered automated transcription software. It works as a virtual meeting assistant and in a single place you can manage all your meeting information. isLucid assures medical device manufacturers that it will automatically capture all information. The accurate transcription platform catches everything without any error, bias, or interruption which results in accurate task assignments and meeting minutes. Medtech companies can finally work faster, not harder. In addition to this, isLucid offers timely and precise documentation. During your R&D process, you can manage transcriptions and bookmark important information for discussion, analysis, sharing, or creating meeting memos. Critically important to any medical device manufacturer, isLucid improves data management and accountability. AI Recommendations catch all critical information and during the meeting, each detail is documented for review or sharing between Quality Assurance teams or regulators. Finally, all the medical executives, medical workers, and managers can be aligned. A team’s data is securely documented and you can share it with other teams for resource, task, and goal alignment 

The Future of Online Medical Device Manufacturing With Transcription 

Transcription benefits for the medical technology industry are hard to come by. To sum up, it will make sure that during online meetings no important information is lost. Each detail is transcribed and ends up as a finished document for later review. It also allows medical executives and managers to work faster and save more time. With bookmarks for significant information, meeting minutes for sharing with other teams, and accurate transcription, most of the work in meetings is automated. 

isLucid is the meeting information management tool that medical technology companies need. It provides medical device and pharma industries around the world with transcription services and helps to assure all regulations and project deadlines are met. Your online meetings gain real-time transcription, task, and bookmark creation as well as thorough meeting summaries for any-time editing 

If you are interested in trying automated transcription software, get isLucid for MS Teams and try it for free: isLucid Download Page 

You can also book a demo and get a walkthrough: Book a Demo 

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