Sep 28, 2022

What is The Purpose of Transcription?

by Gabby

Transcription software assists you by converting human speech into text. With speech recognition technology, this solution now is widely used for business, medical and legal purposes. Automated transcription software transcribes audio in high speech with the help of Natural Language Processing and AI. There is no need to type text anymore or have outside help to do it.  

Even more advanced and adapted for work is the real-time transcription which is used during online meetings. It effectively transcribes large amounts of data for businesses and makes it all actionable. You not only have the written information from the meeting, but also the ability to extract it by using transcription tools 

One example is isLucid. It is an AI-powered digital meeting assistant that makes your meetings easy. You do not have to worry about taking notes, marking details, or remembering what was said. isLucid transcribes each word, allows to create tasks with software integration, and gives access to meeting summary.  

Precisely such features make transcription with speech recognition technology so powerful. In the remote work environment, we have more online meetings than ever. It’s crucial to effectively manage them so we don’t get lost in all the information and become less productive.  

Save Time and Become More Productive 

The biggest and main feature of transcription software is real-time transcription. Catching all words and important details in an online meeting saves a lot of time. You don’t miss any crucial details anymore and remember what you mark. In addition, the software increases the efficiency of all processes. You can faster share meeting information and delegate tasks. On top of that transcription software allows you to develop projects quicker and with more effectiveness. Essentially, you don’t have to take notes yourself or do summaries after the meeting. isLucid assistant accurately transcribes every word with the possibility of changing dialects and languages. All the real-time caught words you can see on your Microsoft Teams meeting side panel. 

Make Meetings Actionable 

Transcription software also allows you to not only collect text from the meeting but also make it actionable. For example, isLucid solution gives the opportunity to create tasks, bookmark important details to remember, and turn meeting minutes into a meeting summary. These features mean that you can easily check the meeting transcript and see what was important or needs more attention. 

Access Your Meeting Summary

We cannot miss the fact that transcription software makes it easier to review your meeting with meeting records saved. You not only can stop taking notes but also don’t need to worry about how to retrieve all the information. With isLucid, all information transcribed, tasks and bookmarks are saved into the meeting’s history. You can access the meeting transcript anytime by searching for the meeting name and create new tasks. 

Fewer Follow-Ups and More Accountability 

Overall, with automated real-time transcription, you can be sure that your meetings will be more productive. You will need fewer follow-ups and employees will have more accountability. Taking isLucid as an example, you will be able to share meeting summaries with your colleagues and employees will be able to read meeting transcripts if they skipped the meeting. Also, you will be able to use an already prepared agenda for each meeting making it easy to monitor the progress of the meeting. Don’t forget that all the tasks that you will create will be integrated with the software that you want 

The Purpose of Transcription Software 

Online meetings cannot and will not be productive without transcription software. This technology with numerous benefits will revolutionize your remote work and make the lives of employees easier. That is the real purpose. Transcription software manages your meeting information and saves you time. In the end, you will be able to do more work and improve the performance of employees in the company. 

isLucid will make all of this happen for you. The proven benefits show how the meeting assistant can automate your work, manage your meeting information and make data actionable.  

If you are interested in automated transcription software and isLucid, get the app on Microsoft Teams and try it for free:  

You can also book a demo and get a walkthrough of the software:   

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