Oct 13, 2022

How To Improve Sales Meetings

by Gabby

Effective Sales Meetings are Crucial 

Sales meetings are essential because they ensure your company grows. They are a crucial part of the sales process which helps build relationships with clients, identify problems to solve, and emphasize the benefits of the product. There are numerous reasons why a company should improve meetings. Weekly, well-run, and informational sales meetings help build better teamwork, motivate the employees and develop different skills. Such meetings keep the sales team focused on the opportunities in the market that may bring success. The productivity of the entire sales department directly depends on the performance of meetings and the flow it gives to the team. 

Luckily, automated transcription is the technological key to improving your sales meetings. Transcription and optimization of the whole meeting process from start to finish guarantee team success. Automated transcription software such as isLucid promises flowing meetings, saved meeting information, and accountable employees. 

Real-Time Transcription 

With isLucid, salespeople can focus on listening and engaging in the meeting without taking manual notes and clarification. The software accurately catches words in real time without any errors. With one click to start the transcription, salespeople can also change to different dialects or languages. This is perfect for international teams that need to remain on the same page. Also, you can see the whole transcription happening on the left side panel of the Microsoft Teams meeting. 

If there is a need, we can turn on an automated launch for the software. This means that every time you join a meeting, your transcription will automatically start working without adding the app. This will save time and will help salespeople relax and focus on the meeting more. 

To start the transcription, go over the instructions given on our website. 

Create Actionable Items 

During the meeting, whenever you want to mark a specific part of the transcription, you can use voice commands. You just say the keyword ‘noted’ and bookmark a part of the speech that you can come back to later. Salespeople save time because they don’t have to mark text manually and can highlight details even when they’re driving. 

In addition to that, salespeople can create tasks during the meeting. You choose the piece of the transcription that you want to save, click to add the task, and integrate it with any CRM of your choice. This is great because salespeople can follow up on their tasks straight in the most comfortable place for them. You can create bookmarks and tasks during the real-time transcription that you see on the side panel of the meeting. 

You can learn how to create actionable items by going to our help center. 

Access Your Transcript in The Meeting History 

isLucid allows to access and share the full transcript in the meeting history. Whatever tasks or bookmarks you created, you can see and edit in the history. Salespeople can comfortably see the activities they performed in the meeting and can easily change something or add new details. Besides that, they can share this generated meeting minutes file with anyone, including colleagues or clients. 

Our blog post shows the steps to access meeting information. 

Summary of isLucid 

isLucid is the AI-centered digital meeting assistant that you need for effective sales meetings. The software transcribes the meeting in real-time, helps create tasks and bookmarks, and generates a meeting notes file. Salespeople will have higher-quality discussions with less disturbance and more listening. isLucid allows you to keep a record of all discussions and track all tasks and activities. 

If you need additional training, book a demo with our customer success manager: Book a Demo 

If you haven’t tried isLucid, you can download it and try it for free: isLucid Download Page 

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