Jan 31, 2022

Bookmark keywords

by Gabby

Keywords for bookmarks

Find certain phrases in different languages to make bookmarks. Just tell a word and isLucid will make a highlight in the transcription. If you need another word – contact us and we will add it to the list!



English: Noted; Marked down; I got it.

French: Bien compris; Sauvegarder ça; Enregistrer ça; Ajouter un marqueur; prend note.

Spanish: Anotado; Lo tengo presente; Recordatorio; Añadido; agregado a mis tareas.

German: Ich habe es mir gemerkt; Vermerkt; Zur Kenntnis genommen.

Lithuanian: Pasižymėjau; Pažymėta; Prisiminsiu.

Tell those phrases during your conversation and isLucid will bookmark just spoken part in the transcription.

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