Dec 29, 2022

Scaling recruitment for 2023: Tips to make the recruitment process more efficient

by Vytenis

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) estimates that it takes 36 days on average to fill an open job position. This time is cut down, the hiring procedure is streamlined, the employee experience is enhanced, and your employer brand is strengthened with a successful employee recruitment process.

Recruiters can locate better, more qualified applicants more quickly and efficiently with a solid recruitment strategy. The entire procedure must be carefully planned and examined on a regular basis.

To scale your recruitment strategy here are some tips to improve its process and efficiency.

How to improve the recruitment process?


Create a strong employer brand to attract quality candidates without doing much recruiting to enhance your hiring process. Employers should move the interview process along quickly in order to be considerate of the candidates’ time and guarantee that a position can be filled right away.

Here are some suggestions for enhancing your recruitment process:

Create attractive job ads

Attractive job ads are a key to success. The job description is not an only invitation for people to come to work with us, but also it is how your company appears to others. Promote your company in a way it makes it unique.

Not only that, but you also need to make sure you reach the right candidates for the position you are recruiting. If a job ad is targeting the wrong audience it makes the recruitment process more complicated. Make sure to include the right keywords and be specific about what you are looking for.

Be everywhere

Your reach will increase and you’ll be able to find people more quickly and simply with a multi-channel strategy that includes social media, job boards, and other channels. Social media connects people from thousands of different areas of interest. Look for possible candidates on specific groups on Facebook or LinkedIn. It will help you to reach more people by specific interests. For example, if you are looking for a marketing specialist, there are a lot of different groups on Facebook where such specialists are communicating. On LinkedIn you can easily check the candidate’s experience

Involve other employees

Employee participation allows for more in-depth discussions and gives prospective employees a taste of what it’s like to work for your company. Multiple points of view are incorporated into the interview structure through the use of group interviews. This strategy not only offers a wide range of viewpoints, but it also increases the sense of worth and inclusion among your current staff.

If a company works remotely – even better. Online meeting interview with candidates makes it easier for other employees to connect and share their opinions during the meeting. Nevertheless, the more participants during the meeting – the more questions will be covered.

How to make the recruitment process more efficient?


An organization-specific sourcing model that seeks to identify the best candidate for the right position at the right time is the foundation of an effective recruitment process. It is a methodical process for enlisting outstanding individuals who can spur business expansion.


Checklists might help you plan your hiring process. Make sure you have all the information you require before speaking with prospects by using them to prepare for interviews and screening calls. It will also help you to evaluate each candidate individually after the meetings – all of the information will be seen on your checklist. Make sure the checklist includes tasks and questions that help to evaluate candidate experience – reduce the number of not-so-necessary questions about unimportant skills.

Invest in recruitment software

You may quickly identify eligible people for your available roles with the use of sourcing tools. There is plenty of different recruitment software for different needs. For example, the CareerBuilder resume database includes a lot of candidate portfolios. Or if you need to see some candidate portfolios before the interview, you can find them on Behance. These best practices of recruitment marketing will improve your hiring strategy.

Record your interviews

Then having an interview with a candidate through an online meeting recording is a solution. Having all of the meetings recorded and transcripted it makes it easier for employers to evaluate each candidate independently. Nevertheless, some of the online meeting software allows its users to mark important information and create notes during the interview.

For example, isLucid. A meeting management platform allows employers to transcribe every interview with candidates, and create notes, which will save time during the evaluation process.

How isLucid helps to improve the recruitment process?


Adding isLucid to your MS Teams recruiting calls will capture the conversation word-for-word, allowing the interviewer to lead, listen and engage the candidate rather than worry about keeping notes. Recruiters spend 40% less time forming candidate profile summaries while using isLucid. Meaning you can speak to 30% more candidates during the same time to increase revenue.

  • Real-time information capturing and managing. The conversation is being captured and transcripted in real-time. During interviews, employers can say keywords and create notes about employees at any time.
  • Pre-built agenda for a smooth interview. By creating candidate agenda it is easier for employers to follow questions/topics that need to be discussed.  The meeting agenda helps to make sure that all of the most important topics are covered.
  • Instant candidate summaries. By creating bookmarks employers can easily create summaries of each candidate. All of the meeting information will be visible after the interview.
  • Interview tracking for easy candidate comparison. Managers with authorization may examine and contrast applicant questions and replies because complete interview transcripts and notes are securely archived.

Manage your interview with isLucid


isLucid transcribes your meetings in real time with multilanguage support. You can create tasks or highlight important details through voice commands. Every task integrates with multiple project management and CRM software. IsLucid allows you to create meeting minutes and have a generate meeting minute file after the meeting. You can edit it, add tasks and share it with other employees.

Additionally, with isLucid, people can instantly capture tasks and meeting minutes from transcription, saving 25% of the time for a recap, managing tasks after the meeting, sending follow-up emails, and so on.

If you are interested in isLucid digital meeting assistant, get it for MS Teams and try it for free: isLucid Download Page.  

You can also book a demo and get a walkthrough: Book a Demo.

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